A few weeks ago, when I saw one of my vegan friends eating Oreos, I was shocked. I had always assumed that the cream in the center of the oreo was made out of some sort of milk product and therefore not vegan.

Oreos are one of my favorite things to bake with and I went out searching for some recipes that I could make for my friends which had Oreos that were still vegan. I actually came across quite a lot. Here are a few of my favourites. 

1. Oreo Peanut Butter Pie


alifayre on Flickr

Until recently, the only pies I had ever tried were apple pie and pumpkin pie. People who were like me are seriously missing out. Oreos and peanut butter are a beautiful combination and go together beautifully in this pie. 

2. Oreo Truffles

Truffles are a great party food because they don't need utensils and can be eaten quickly. I try to have these as an option whenever I host in case anyone coming to the party is vegan. All my non-vegan friends love them too, though!

3. Oreo Cheesecake

This recipe is a copycat of the famous Cheesecake Factory Oreo cheesecake. This homemade version is a fair bit healthier than the Cheesecake Factory version, although I wouldn't replace your salad with it. This is by far one of my favourites. 

4. Oreo Frappuccino 

I've always had trouble stomaching coffee unless there was a lot of sugar and cream involved. Frappuccinos were a huge help to this problem. This vegan version of the Oreo Frappuccino is delicious and tastes pretty much identical to the original. 

5. Dirt Cake

Dirt Cake may be a childhood favourite, but it's just as fun and tasty to eat as an adult. While this recipe doesn't come with gummy worms, I felt they were a must. Here's a recipe for vegan gummy worms.

6. Oreo Ice Cream

Ice Cream is my personal Achilles' heel. It's just something that I can't say no to and need whenever I'm feeling sad... or happy... or anything at all. This vegan recipe makes Oreo ice cream a bit healthier. 

7. Oreo Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake is a classic and adding Oreos always makes everything better. While my cakes may not look as fancy as in the picture, they taste amazing just the same. 

8. Mini Oreo Cheesecakes

These are another great party favour, although I usually just make them instead of a cheesecake because the mini cheesecakes are more manageable. Plus, I feel way less guilty eating 5 of these than 5 slices of cheesecake. 

9. Oreo Pancakes

brownie, cookie, cake, cream, chocolate
Arden Sarner

Who says you can't have dessert for breakfast or breakfast for dessert? These Oreo pancakes are chocolatey and full of flavour and can be the perfect start to any morning or end to any day. 

10. Slutty Brownies

Seen at every bake sale, slutty brownies are a favourite despite being super easy to make. Plus, if you have any friends who don't really know much about baking, they look far more impressive because of the multiple layers. These are definitely something to show off. 

Even though Oreo is ceasing to look like a word after all the times I've written it, they're one of the best tools to bake with. These recipes are just a few of the many examples. If you're intrigued, you can find hundreds of recipes to fit exactly what you desire with a simple google query. Enjoy!