If you've found your way to the Spoon University website, then you probably love food. I myself, spend hours watching cooking videos and browsing recipes. Although I am not a vegan myself, I try to eat as much plant-based food as I can and I often turn to Instagram for inspiration. Social media platforms are a great place to explore the foodie community, and there are a ton of awesome content creators out there, both vegan and non-vegan. Here are some of my personal favorite vegan bloggers that I think are worth checking out (even if you aren't a vegan)!

1. @frommybowl

Caitlin Shoemaker, aka @frommybowl, is a recipe developer, traveler, and one of my favorite vegan bloggers. Her Instagram features awesome wellness tips, reviews of vegan products and delicious recipes from her website. She focuses on easy, cheap and healthy ingredients which is great for a broke, busy college student like me. Caitlin has developed a ton of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert (check out her recipe for the best brownies I have ever had), all of which are seriously amazing. She posts a lot of gluten-free recipes too. 

2. @laikenrichelle

Based in Adelaide, Australia, Laiken Richelle creates really awesome content about veganism, body positivity, traveling, and fashion on both her Instagram and her Youtube channel. She is very authentic about her physical and mental health, as well as body image, emphasizing that you don't always have to be super healthy or athletic to be a vegan. She also shares a lot about cool vegan clothing companies. Plus, she has the cutest dog. 

3. @ninamontagne

Nina Montagne is one of my favorite Instagram influencers. She creates unique and inspiring content about forming good habits, setting positive intentions, journaling, and meditating both on her Instagram and on her blog. Her Youtube channel features awesome recipes as well as tips for healthier living. Her vegan cinnamon roll recipe is by far my favorite. A lot of her food- related videos are themed. Whether it be a week of vegan breakfasts or foods to eat for hormone imbalance, all of her content is super helpful and informative.

4. @vegantraveleats

Vegan Travel Eats is an awesome Instagram account to follow for travelers or for those that just love to look at mouthwatering pictures of food. Valerie posts some amazing pictures of food from her travels around the US. She recently visited my hometown, Chicago, where she went to some of my favorite vegan restaurants. Her blog offers a ton of vegan food guides to various cities such as Denver, New Orleans, and New York City.  She is definitely a great resource if you are going to a new place and want to try some yummy vegan restaurants.

5. @applesandamandas

Amanda is a super cool vegan Youtuber, who is really knowledgeable about plant-based living. She recently graduated from college and completed her dietetic internship. As a nutrition major myself, I personally love her content because she shares a lot about her college experiences and eating vegan on a budget as a college student. A lot of her videos are vlog styles where she shares recipes, life updates, new products and things she eats regularly. Amanda is also a freshly certified yoga teacher and shares a lot of uplifting and positive messages on her Instagram.

6. @thevegansolution

@thevegansolution proves that there are so many different ways to eat if you're a vegan. She's unlike most of the vegan bloggers I follow on Instagram as most of what she eats consists of raw, high carb foods. As a health coach, she promotes eating unprocessed foods and lots of fruits and vegetables. She posts amazing recipes for smoothie bowls, raw cookies and pizzas, all made with whole, nutritious ingredients. On her Youtube channel, she makes "what I eat in a day" videos, answers frequently asked questions about her diet, and provides tips on transitioning into a vegan lifestyle. She also shares her workouts and yoga practice.

7. @thezestylime

Rebeca of @thezestylime posts some of the most aesthetically-pleasing and eye-catching pictures of food out of everyone on this list, in my opinion. She shares food from restaurants she's tried as well as things she cooks herself. She tests a lot of recipes created by other people and gives recommendations for products and foods that she's tried and liked. She goes on a lot of city food adventures which she vlogs about on her Youtube channel.

8. @tessbegg

One of the better known vegan bloggers, Tess Begg runs a successful Instagram and Youtube channel. She develops recipes from her home in Australia, giving her followers a unique insight into the Aussie foodie world. She has a wide variety of meal ideas, both indulgent and nutritious too. She makes a ton of "what I eat in a day videos" which are my personal favorites. Tess is also passionate about exercising and shares a lot of her workouts on Youtube.

9. @sixvegansisters

On the more indulgent side, Six Vegan Sisters specialize in veganizing any meal you can possibly imagine from the Philly Cheesesteak and fried chicken to Nutella chocolate cake and ice cream cookie sandwiches. And like me, they absolutely love cookie dough. Most of their recipes are found on their website, but they also post a lot of their mouthwatering dishes on Instagram. Each of the six sisters also have their own separate Instagrams where they share more of what they like to cook the most (my favorite is definitely Mary-Kate's Vegan Cake).

10. @the.college.vegan

Probably the most relatable person on this list, @the.college.vegan shares meal ideas for busy, broke college students. Most of her recipes don't even require a kitchen. Being a vegan can be hard in college, especially when dining hall options are limited. The College Vegan shares clever ways to make prepping meals quick, easy and most importantly, healthy. Many of her posts include ways to use up leftovers to avoid waste which is something that I struggle with personally when cooking for myself. 

Following all of these bloggers has helped me learn how to be more creative in the kitchen while maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. The photos, videos and blog posts they share are unique, insightful and thought provoking. Exploring the vegan community online has also made me more aware of the source of my food as well as the health implications of what I put into my body. So, whether you're curious about veganism or just looking for meal ideas, all of these vegan bloggers are great inspirations!