I’m going to go out on a limb and say you’re planning a move to the gorgeous city that is Atlanta. Well, first off congrats, because Atlanta is amazing. It was the first city I ever traveled to that was outside Louisiana, and I couldn’t forget my first. I tried everything I could while I was in ATL, so now I’ll pass on a few tips.

10. Get rid of all tourist clothing


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This applies for just about every city but I’m still going to tell you before you even start packing for Georgia. Find a dumpster and bring every peach-related, Nene Leakes quoting, and “I Heart ATL” sweatshirt. Atlantans are so trendy, you will stick out like a sore thumb. You have to serve all things fabulous while in Atlanta and the oversized hoodies with prints of the city are not going to cut it.

9. Visit the Coca-Cola factory


Photo by Vernell Dunams

When I went to Atlanta, one of the coolest things I did was going to the Coke Factory. It’s not your average factory; I’d say it’s more like a quirky museum. Get this – there’s a part of the tour where you get to taste every Coke product from around the world. It feels like that scene from Willy Wonka where the kids are exploring the “eatable” room.

8. Meal Prepping/Detoxing


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Atlanta is known for its sass and larger-than-life personalities. It is the place that best serves face and a lot of body (just about all body types), and if you’re making the big move in the summer, brace yourself for seeing legs for days, abs for months, and a good contour for years. So join the ATL bandwagon and start meal prepping and, try a really trendy detox or master cleanse.

7. Get the drinks going


Photo by Alyssa Parker

Atlanta is one of the biggest “it” places for nightlife and the entertainment scene, so start strengthening that alcohol tolerance. I’m suggesting shots. Why did the Mexican man push his wife in the ocean? Te-qui-la! Yes, that was super lame but not as lame as you’ll be if you make it to Atlanta and you don’t live it up at all the exclusive nightclubs.

6. Invest in a personal blender


Photo by Katherine Baker

So you know those really cool one-person blenders that have a capacity of about 16 oz? Buy one! When you have a scorching hangover and it’s already 80 degrees at 10 am, you’re not going to want a coffee, but with a personal blender, you can combine everything for a smoothie the day before (when you’re still sober). Then, the next morning you just have to blend, grab a straw, and get your day started.

5. Go to a place that sells waffles


Photo by Sarah Wu

Notice I said waffles, and not chicken and waffles. Chicken and waffles are trendy, and people often forget that Atlanta has some really good just-plain-waffles. The first Waffle House, just like all the other awesome places with its origin in Georgia in the 50s, so obviously, they’ve been on to something good for a while. No other city can tell Atlanta how to do waffles – they know.

4. Go to a place that has chicken


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Funny that this one is really similar to the last one. Atlanta did something right with the chicken/waffle combo, but seriously, people, let’s not forget great chicken can be found in Buttermilk Kitchen in Atlanta with or without its waffle companion.

3. Buy sunblock


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In Atlanta, for the first time, I was sunburned, and now I know why. I use to think sunburns only happened on the beach and to super-pale people, but I was wrong because I’m far from being fair complexioned. My skin is accustomed to a nice, humid 80 degrees, but being in the dry, sun-filled heat of Atlanta was a beast like none other. Save yourself the embarrassing shedding and buy some sunblock.

2. Buy a cookie from the first Great American Cookies


Photo by Vedika Luthra

If you’re a cookie-lover, you’ve already halfway won me over. Actually, that’s just me playing hard to get. In reality, if you buy me cookies or have a good recipe, we’re pretty much betrothed to each other. Can you imagine my shock to find out that the first Great American Cookies opened Atlanta? Hands down, this is high up there on the list of things you have to do while in Atlanta. Go to the place where Great American Cookies began, and try every cookie.

1. Buy a popsicle


Photo by Megan Prendergast

Okay, I’ve told you repeatedly that Atlanta is hot: hot bodies, hot clubs, hot drinks, and summer days that are hot as hell, so get an ice cream bar. There is this amazing chocolate sea salt pop that is exclusively in Atlanta at this really cool pop place, and yes it gets all thumbs up. If you tell the owners that I sent you, they probably won’t have a clue what you’re talking about but you can still name drop.