In my opinion, saltines are one of the most under-appreciated foods of all time. They should be more than just your sick or hungover food—they should be a pantry stable. These crackers are versatile, salty, crunchy (yet airy), low-calorie, and cheap. Here are ten things you should be doing with a box of saltines.

1. Make Salted Chocolate Toffee Brittle


Photo by Krista Stucchio

If you want to make a cheap, quick treat, this chocolate salted toffee brittle should be your go-to. It only uses chocolate chips, brown sugar, salt, butter, and saltines. More than likely you already have some or all of these ingredients, and they’re all pretty cheap. Thank you, saltines, for this heavenly creation.

2. Make S’mores


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Maybe you don’t have any graham crackers or maybe you want something lighter and saltier, but saltines should be your go to for both situations. You basically get the same experience, just a different crunch factor and a slightly smaller s’more. The ratio of more marshmallow and chocolate to less cracker is on point.

#SpoonTip: Use Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups instead of chocolate to make this s’more even more unique.

3. Incorporate Into a Pie Crust


Photo courtesy of @lalaburn on Instagram

Making a pie? Forgot to buy pastry dough? Just grab that box of saltines in your pantry. By just using crushed saltines, butter, and water (optional: add sugar), you can make a quality pie crust. It’s a bit lighter than a heavy dough or pastry, making it a refreshing way to switch up your pie baking.

4. Use as a Chaser


Photo courtesy of @robaemery on Instagram

This might be just me, but I find that chasing with saltines is quite effective for a few reasons. The salt content and plain flavor gets the alcohol taste out fast and is distracting. Also, it puts a bit more substance in your stomach to keep it settled throughout a night of going out. Don’t knock it ’til you try it, folks.

5. Make Little Pizzas


Photo courtesy of @nrgg_ on Instagram

This is super simple: dab on a little bit of pizza or tomato sauce, throw on a sprinkle of cheese, and microwave until the cheese melts. You can even bake a bunch in the oven if you feel like committing. These might give Bagel Bites a run for their money.

6. Throw Together a Cheese Board


Photo courtesy of @burkasaurus on Instagram

Pretend to be fancy and entertain your guests cheaply with saltines on your cheese board. We all know the cheese is the most important part anyway. Plus, everyone loves saltines whether they admit it or not.

7. Make Mini PB&J’s


Photo by Nicole Goldfarb

This one is awesome for so many reasons. The crunchy alternative to soft bread is a satisfying way to change it up and give you that crunch factor. They’re cheap, transportable, bite-sized, and a fun thing to make for friends.

8. Top Your Easy Mac


Photo by Lauryn Lahr

This quick meal is always appetizing, but sometimes you need something to dress it up. Got a box of saltines lying around? Crush up a few and throw them in for an added crunch to your mac and cheese. Or, use them as a utensil to eat it.

9. Bread Your Chicken


Photo courtesy of @rickwilliamspga on Instagram

Substitute breading with crushed saltines for a lighter, crunchier way to make chicken. Add whatever spices you like, and voila, you have a cheap and simple breading.

Follow this recipe, serve it with your favorite sides and a glass of wine, and you’ve got yourself an upscale meal.

10. Dip into Salsa, Guac, or Hummus


Photo courtesy of @adventures_of_nomming on Instagram

There comes a time when you have more dip than chips. In that case, pull out your stash of saltines. Saltines and salsa or guacamole is definitely a different experience than tortilla chips, but it’s still good and satisfies the chips and dip craving. Hummus with saltines is actually really great, and they’re lighter than pita chips, allowing you to eat more. This combo is especially good with sliced cucumber on top.

If you have a leftover box of saltines from that time you were sick, go grab them and whip up a few of these ideas.