Late night snacks are only a few clicks away, thanks to GoPuff. GoPuff, for those of you who don't know, is a delivery service that has everything from ice cream to household products that can be brought to you in minutes. Unlike any other delivery service, GoPuff delivers until 4:30 am with a small delivery fee of $1.95. Want something sweet? They got it. Need school supplies? They got it. Did your 5 minute study break last too long and now your phone is at 5 percent? No worries, thanks to GoPuff you can have a brand new phone charger in minutes. 

GoPuff has slowly made its way to areas around the US and continues to thrive on college campuses. Obviously, the only people who are up during GoPuff's operating hours are sleep-deprived college students.

Now that we know all that GoPuff has to offer, its decision time. What are you in the mood for?

1. Hangry

Kyra Terrana

Pizza Rolls

There is nothing worse than hunger induced anger (okay, maybe there are things that are worse but that's besides the point). But to subside hanger, the best bet is Pizza Rolls. All of the greatness of a pizza in a bite sized roll? Yes, please. With flavors like cheese, pepperoni, and combination, Pizza Rolls will alleviate the feeling of hanger. 

2. Flirty

Kyra Terrana

Muddy Buddies 

Muddy Buddies are the perfect snack to share with that special someone. Crunchy cereal coated in chocolate mixed and creamy peanut butter all tossed in powdered sugar will never disappoint when in a flirtatious mood. 

3. Grumpy

Kyra Terrana

Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Therapy

Chocolate can't solve everything but it definitely can help. Enjoy layers and layers of chocolate with Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Therapy. Within minutes of opening the carton, you will get lost in the chocolate ice cream, chocolate cookies, and chocolate pudding swirls and will forget everything that made you grumpy in the first place. 

4. Nostalgic

Kyra Terrana

Kraft Mac n' Cheese 

Nothing will bring you back to the simpler times like a bowl of Kraft Mac n' Cheese. Luckily for those who only have a microwave, GoPuff has a variety of Kraft Mac n' Cheese products on hand including the microwavable bowls. Thank you GoPuff for bringing me back to elementary school in 3.5 minutes.

5. Tired

Kyra Terrana

Red Bull

Get the energy you need from Red Bull no matter the time of day. With the sweet and tangy flavor, you will be perked up and ready to tackle anything that comes your way. 

6. Goofy

Kyra Terrana

Sour Patch Kids 

The exciting sweet and sour flavor of Sour Patch Kids will definitely satisfy someone who is in a goofy mood. The small gummy candy will satisfy cravings for something sour, sweet, and chewy.

7. Stressed AF

Kyra Terrana


Study snacks are important and having a hand in a bag of popcorn will help relieve stress. The salty and buttery snack is simple to make and even simpler to get thanks to GoPuff. Eat popcorn on the go, in the library, or while watching TV. While you have your head in your books, its a good idea to have your hand in a bag of popcorn. 

8. Curious

Kyra Terrana

Hershey's Gold 

Too many options and wanting to try something new? The new candy bar has a flavor unlike anything else made by Hershey's. The Gold bar is sweet, salty, creamy, crunchy and perfect if your looking for a new and unusual snack. 

9. Happy

Kyra Terrana


Known as "the snack that smiles back," Goldfish will only boost your mood. This crunchy, cheesy, and delicious snack will satisfy your cravings in the midst of happiness. Keep the good vibes flowing with Goldfish.

10. Drunchies

Kyra Terrana


After a night out almost anything sounds good but Doritos are the way to go. Doritos are everything you want in a late night snack. They're cheesy, crunchy, and no clean up required. So next time you can't find a late night snack, order a bag of Doritos and all your drunchie needs will be satisfied.