Everyone knows Thanksgiving is the feast of all feasts. While we give thanks for the year’s bountiful harvests and sit around the table with family, it’s obvious that the best part is the food at Thanksgiving dinner. You know what I’m talking about – stuffingsweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, pies (apple, pecan, pumpkin, cherry, the list goes on), and of course, turkey. But hey, who said these delicious cuisines can’t be eaten on any day of the year? No one. So with that in mind, get your taste buds prepared and excited for Thanksgiving this year by trying these twists on typical Thanksgiving foods. Your taste buds will thank you.

Open-faced Thanksgiving sandwich

Ever wanted to throw all your favorite Thanksgiving foods on a flat piece of stuffing? Check out this turkey-bacon-cranberry-graving-stuffing sandwich recipe.

Turkey cranberry bagel


Photo courtesy of Catherine McCord

Anybody who has ever eaten a bagel has enjoyed that experience. Now you can have both the bready goodness of bagels and the infamous cranberry-turkey Thanksgiving combo all in one.

Cranberry pecan feta salad

Why wouldn’t you have this salad any day of the year? It’s quick to make, and you can personalize it by adding anything else you like or find in your fridge.

Pumpkin or squash spinach salad


Photo by Jackie Maloney

This is an awesome salad to try in the fall, when pumpkin and squash are in season. The honey and homemade dressing in this recipe add a deliciously sweet twist to your regular salad.

Pomegranate-persimmon salad

Goat cheese, persimmons, walnuts and pomegranate…need I say more?

Apple, brie, and pecan panini


Photo by Hannah Giardina

Paninis are soooo good. This one has apples, pecans, melty gooey brie cheese, and it’s made on raisin bread. Try it.

Spiced pecan pumpkin bread


Photo courtesy of SeasonWithSpice.com

Pecans and pumpkin are Thanksgiving staples, and this bread loaf is definitely making my mouth drool for Thanksgiving dinner.

Pecan-crusted sweet potatoes


Photo courtesy of Jules Clancy

You can make these as a side dish on Thanksgiving, or you can make them now. I’d rather not wait.

Buttered pecan and butterscotch ice cream


Photo Courtesy of Poires au Chocolat

This fall-inspired ice cream looks absolutely fantastic. You can even get creative and try to incorporate this recipe into an experimental banana ice cream.

Butternut squash mac and cheese with sage and gingersnap-pecan crust


Photo by Parisa Soraya

This recipe screams Thanksgiving, but it seems a bit too untraditional for the fancy dinner table. Make it now instead!


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