Oregon has so many beautiful places to go on weekend getaways, from exploring hot springs to shredding pow in the snow, but have you ever wondered what snacks you’re going to bring on your rad weekend adventures? Look no further. Oregon Spoon has got your back with 10 snacks for your every Oregon outdoor adventure. So enjoy the ride and take these treats on your next mission.

10. Mt. Bachelor: No Bake Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars


Photo by Rachel Conners

People say that Oregon’s so granola, but we’re so much more than that stereotype. That’s why you should be eating these bad boys before your next trip to the mountain. Peanut butter and chocolate, who wouldn’t love this?

9. Crater Lake: Turmeric Roasted Chickpeas


Photo by Kristine Mahan

When you’re visiting the 5th oldest National Park in the United States, you’re definitely going to want to munch on something good and crunchy, like these roasted chickpeas. These make for a great snack when you’re taking in the beautiful scenery of Crater Lake.

8. Mt. Hood: Frozen Greek Yogurt Banana Poppers


Photo by Abigail Wilkins

When visiting one of the tallest mountains in Oregon, (you can spot the snow covered peaks from Portland), you deserve a healthy, sweet treat like this one. Frozen bananas covered in Greek yogurt will make your next trek to Mt. Hood a dream come true.

7. Smith Rock: DIY KIND Bars


Photo courtesy of Theresa Sullivan Photography

These small bars are easy to pack in your backpack while hiking or to keep in your pocket when you’re scaling the side of Smith Rock. And because every climber needs a pick me up snack.

6. Cougar Hot Springs: Sriracha Popcorn


Photo by Erica Coulter

Sriracha popcorn is perfect for when you’re at the hot spring and need to turn up the heat a little more. Plus, super easy to make and store during the trip.

5. Spencer’s Butte: Ultimate Trail Mix


Photo by Tiare Brown

Spencer’s Butte is one of the top Eugene bucket list items for nature, so you have to bring a snack as colorful as the sunset view from the summit.

4. Oregon Coast: DIY Fruit Snacks


Photo by Austin Steele

Homemade fruit snacks are the solution for those Oregon Coast munchies. Fruit snacks are something a person can snack on in the car ride to the coast or at the beach with their toes in the sand.

3. Painted Hills: Healthy Veggie Chips


Photo by Sean Koetting

Visiting the Painted Hills can be a magical experience, so why not bring along veggie chips to join you on your mystical journey through the Painted Hills?

2. Multnomah Falls: Apple Crumble Bars


Photo by Emma Delaney

A majestical waterfall deserves a treat as sweet as it is. Bake these apple crumble bars for the next time you’re headed out to Multnomah Falls to enjoy with some sweet car ride tunes.

1. Columbia River Gorge: Zucchini Bread


Photo by Jasmine Tang

Columbia River Gorge, home to the Sasquatch Music Festival, is a popular place for hikers and music goers during the Labor Day Weekend. So if you’re waiting for the best music weekend of your life or are headed to the Gorge for a weekend camping getaway, bring this bread with you to fit all your hunger needs.

Whether you are visiting Oregon for a weekend or are looking for a new adventure to conquer, don’t forget to bring these treats on your next outdoor adventure.