It's finally here, the time of year we have all been waiting for, it is finally summer! Warm weather, blue skies, and fresh foods, it doesn't get much better than that. Now that we (hopefully) have the summer bodies that we have worked so hard for, it is time to dive into the summer foods we've been craving all winter long.

1. Acai Bowls

It doesn't get more "summer" than having a fresh, fruit filled acai bowl while lounging beach side. It may be basic but, we don't let that stop you and don't forget to take Instagram worthy photo of your colorful bowl.

2. Watermelon   

melon, watermelon
Tess Wei

Watermelon seems like it is a simple fruit, but for some reason eating watermelon slices pool side brings me back to some of my favorite childhood summer memories. Dig into this fresh treat to satisfy your sweet tooth and stay hydrated in the heat of the summer.

3. Ice Cream 

cake, milk, candy, dairy product, ice, goody, sweet, chocolate, cream
Nicole Lacasse

Going to get a cup or a cone at the local ice cream shop is the best end to a fun filled summer day. Whether you choose cookies-n-cream or rocky road, refreshing ice cream after a long beach day is a summertime classic.

4. Sea Food

Nothing says summer time like a view of the bay while sharing a sea food raw-bar sampler. Don't let the slimy oysters scare you off! 

5. Avocado 

herb, guacamole, cheese, avocado, vegetable
Honorata (Nora) McIntyre

This is not only one of the latest food trends, but also an iconic summer favorite. I cannot wait to start my summer mornings with fresh avocado on some crispy toast.

6. Fried Oreos

cake, dairy product, doughnut, pastry, sweet
Sheng Lin

This particular fried favorite may have only made the list because I'm a typical Jersey girl, but I can't think of anything I would rather eat walking up and down the boardwalk on a summer night. 

7. Daiquiris 

Of course we cannot forget about the drinks that come with the warmer weather. From a refreshing Strawberry Daiquiri to a sweet Piña Colada, the cool summer drink options are endless. During these care-free summer days, don't worry about spending calories on these tasty drinks. 

8. Barbecue 

The weekend would not be the weekend during the summer if my dad was not firing up the grill. Whether it is hotdogs and hamburgers or an entire rack of BBQ ribs, either way, I don't care just keep 'em coming, Dad. 

9. Corn on the Cob 

maize, popcorn, meat, vegetable, straw, hazelnut, pasture, cereal, corn
Tiare Brown

It may not be practical, but eating corn on the cob is something we do anyways and yes, we will judge you if you cut the corn off. 

10. Pasta Salad

I describe pasta salad as the fresher, lighter version of my favorite comfort food. I even feel a little healthier while eating pasta salad because it is packed with fresh vegetables.

Summer is not only the best months because of no school, tan lines, sun and swim, but of course for the delicious cuisine. 

Remember these ten foods when your stomach rumbles after a beach filled day. Don't worry about that perfect "summer body" and just worry about getting your fill of these foods with your closest friends and family because winter will be here before you know it!