Admit it. You've killed more time than you wish you had on Instagram's explore page scrolling through random posts and videos. We've all done it, and we can't help it. Instead of watching the same 15-second recipes or satisfying compilations, take a peak at some of the coolest bakers on instagram. 

1. Dinara Kasko (@dinarakasko)

Dinara Kasko has managed to find a way to combine architecture and the art of pastries. Kasko designs and 3D prints her own dessert molds, allowing her to produce some of the most intricate and geometric desserts. Topped with colorful glazes or velvet finishes, these creations are seriously mesmerizing, and the cross sections she posts are beautiful. 

2. Ashley (@bakerbynature)

This account gets your mouth watering just from looking at them. Good news for you, you can recreate these easy 5-ingredient cannolis and any of the other stunning desserts on her feed. All of her recipes and more can be found on her blog, and to make it even easier, she links the recipe in the description of each post. 

3. Amber Spiegel (@sweetambs)

These sugar cookies are almost too pretty to eat. Taking basic royal icing on cookies to a whole new level, Amber Spiegel turns a simple treat into a work of art. If you were mesmerized by the intricate piping and decoration, there's plenty more where that came from. Feast your eyes on her feed or blog posts to see her skills applied to different cookie shapes, icing techniques, and themes. 

4. Yolanda Gampp (@yolanda_gampp)

Known for making some of the most over-the-top custom or themed cakes, Yolanda Gampp has managed to cake anything and everything. If you want to see more of her, head over to her youtube channel, How To Cake It, where you can find weekly tutorials for her creations. 

5. Matt Adlard (@toplessbaker)

When trying out a new technique or tool, Matt Adlard posts his trials and errors on his story. Not only do you get to enjoy watching some insanely satisfying videos, you also get to join the baker during the process. If you're hoked, then it's worth taking a look at his blog, Topless Baker, and his youtube channel, which include all of his recipes along with some tips and tricks.

6. Ayse Yaman Butik Pasta (@ayseyamanbutikpasta)

As if macarons aren't delicate enough, this baker lines the filling with the tiniest buttercream flowers you will ever see. Made and decorated with a variety of flavors and colors, it's hard to stop scrolling through this baker's entire feed of gorgeous cookies. 

7. Amaury Guichon (@amauryguichon)

Amaury Guichon makes literal works of art out of chocolate. From clocks to King Kong to delicate little roses, you name it, he's probably make it out of chocolate. This pastry chef posts images of all of his works, including videos of the processes and cross section cuts of his pastries. For all the chocolate lovers out there, you're welcome. 

8. Jenna Barnard (@butternutbakery)

Jenna Barnard posts tons of homemade desserts and treats, all of which you can make in the comfort of your own home. After taking a look at these gorgeous posts, you're gonna want to head over to her blog, Butternut Bakery, for any and all of her recipes.

9. Karlee's Kupcakes (@karleeskupcakes)

This account will satisfy all of your cake dreams and desires. From beautifully frosted cupcakes to gorgeously decorated cakes, you can't go wrong with taking a look at Karlee's Kupcakes. (The cake decorating videos are sure to get you hooked.)

10. Sweet Shot Cookies  (@sweetshotcookies)

Last, but definitely not least, is Sweet Shot Cookies. As if cookies aren't already amazing on their own, this company came up with the genius idea to INJECT them with delicious fillings. And you get to watch the process go down. Even better, they ship all over the U.S. so you can get some of your own instead of gawking over their feed.