Though the global pandemic has changed a lot of things in our world today, one of the things that has remained constant in our lives is the need to eat! While many restaurants have closed their shutters for the foreseeable future, others have adapted with innovative business strategies. 

As restaurants struggle to make ends meet during the pandemic, we can all support the local economy by ordering in or eating out.

And that's where us Boston University students come in! We all need to eat, and with all the amazing food offerings in Boston, who wouldn't want to chow down?

While us sophomores, juniors, and seniors might be familiar with the common grub of BU, many freshman aren't. Here are the nine best restaurants to try around the BU campus.

9. Thai Dish.

Our list starts in West Campus at Thai Dish. 

They serve up yummy plates of dishes such as Pad Thai, Drunken Noodles, Fried Rice, Egg Rolls, and they even have boba! How can anyone resist their offerings? Here's the link to their website. Browse away:

Next up is a classic, also located in West Campus (West is Best). This tasty joint is always full of hungry college students looking for some good fried food.

8. You guessed it: Raising Cane's. 

Everyone needs a dose of greasy food every now and then, and Raising Cane's is just the place to get it. Crinkle fries, buttery garlic bread, and chicken fingers comprise the staples of the quick service eatery, and they never fail to satisfy.

Here's their website:

7. Pavement Coffeehouse

While pricey, Pavement Coffeehouse offers great coffee, gourmet sandwiches, and delicious baked goods across from Marsh Chapel. 

Personally, this is one of my favorites. Though the price point is a little higher, the product is worth it, in my opinion. Stop by and grab a coffee when you can. You'll thank me later:

Natalia Trifunovic

6. T. Anthony's

Beloved pizzeria T. Anthony's is a must try in West Campus. 

For the next eatery all freshman should be familiar with, I introduce a late night pizza place, always crawling with college students with hearty appetites.

Treat your tastebuds and order a unique menu open of theirs, the Mozzarella Stick Pizza!

Check their menu out here:

Brittany Bauman

5. Roxy's Grilled Cheese, everyone.

Located in Allston, this neighborhood eatery serves something simple yet no-fool. The concept involves two glorious ingredients, bread and cheese. That's right, this restaurant's specialty is grilled cheese. Gourmet grilled cheese. They also have mouthwatering truffle fries that will perfectly complement your delicious sandwich. Make it a priority, you will not be disappointed.

Here's their website, so browse away:

4. Scoop N' Scootery

If you live in West Campus, you have to try Scoop N' Scootery! While the ice cream shop is still pretty new to the Allston area, it's definitely a must try with endless flavors and toppings to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Look at all the options here:

3. Beijing Cafe

I came across this gem when my friend suggested we eat there for dinner. So we did, and I loved it. It's offers classic Chinese fare, and it is scrumptious. If there are any vegetarian or vegan readers, there are lots of delicious plant-based options here. Here's the website:

2. Insomnia Cookies

Insomnia Cookies is conveniently located near Warren Towers in the heart of BU campus. But if you don't feel like going out, no worries! They deliver cookies until 3am. 

Peruse the website to your heart's desires:

1. Life Alive.

Situated in West Campus, this place promotes health and wellness to all who walk through its doors. With a calm and refreshing aesthetic, Life Alive should definitely be on every freshman's list of restaurants to try.

And that concludes the list of ten restaurants that every freshman at Boston University should try. But if anyone reading has yet to try any of the listed restaurants, I strongly encourage you to get out of your room and treat your tastebuds. You'll also be supporting local businesses, so it's a win-win. 

Maddy Wiener

Happy Eating!