If you are true Scottsdale local, you have eaten at every Fox Restaurant Concept, have taken the trendiest pictures in front of various walls, eaten at certain places only to say you have eaten there or got the best picture to post. Growing up a foodie in the Phoenix/ Scottsdale area has made it very easy to try the most trendy and delicious foods possible. If you think of doing any of these things, you are a true Scottsdale local and even if you don’t, hop on the bandwagon and try some of these, you won’t regret it. 

1. You Consume Too Much Iced Tea from AJ’s

AJ’s in Scottsdale is known for their large iced teas offered in an abundance of flavors. Most people add a splash of lemonade and/or orange slices. This is the true way locals enjoy this summer treat. I am telling you, it’s the splash of lemonade that makes me drive twenty minutes to purchase this tea and it lasts me all day long. If you are hungry for a little snack, the pastries are great too.

2. You go to Press Coffee for the Snapchat Worthy Latte 

I am definetly guilty of this one. Press Coffee is located in the Scottsdale Quarter and they have the best, yet overpriced coffee. They always add a pretty creation on top of lattes which I love. Press also has every milk in the world to add to the 6 dollar lattes.

3. You go to Fashion Square to Take a Picture in Front of the Sprinkles ATM 

Most commonly I see younger girls do this, but it truly is a great Instagram. You can't beat Sprinkles cupcakes, I highly recommend trying the Red Velvet. 

4. You Visit The Henry to Take a Picture in Front of the Infamous Sign

The Henry is one of the newer Fox Restaurant Concepts. It's located on Camelback and is shaped like a home with beautiful inside decor. There are many different rooms which makes it feel much homier. Outside the restaurant, there is a lit up sign that people are always spotted taking pictures in front of. I have to mention the lighting is always on point by the sign. 

5. You Love Flower Child Even Though the Line is Always Out the Door 

Flowerchild is for the ultimate health freak who goes to yoga at 8 AM and drinks green juice. It is a walk up and order type of place, perfect to eat with girlfriends or family. I love their plates which come with any protein and sides you are feeling. Their lemonades and teas are delicious on a hot day as well as their lemon olive oil cake. I always feel like I eat too much there but it's healthy, right?

6. Postinos Gives You Every Excuse to go to Happy Hour 

Postinos has been around for years, but this past year it opened a new location closer to Scottsdale locals. Postinos is known for the bottle and board combo. Anything from caprese to fig jam and a variety of fine cheese, Postino's is every bruschetta lovers dream. 

7. Brunch=Bottomless Mimosas

I believe brunch was invented in Scottsdale. Brunch is extra and always over the top, especially when my friends and I are involved. My favorites are Eggstacy, Breakfast Kitchen Bar, and the Herb Box. You really can't go wrong when brunching in Scottsdale. 

8. You Sneak into 5-star Hotels on a Regular Basis 

You have ranked your favorite hotels based on the pools, the scene, and which ones let you order foods and drinks without kicking you out. If you have done these with your close girlfriends, you have mastered sneaking into hotels. You just have to act confidently you'll fit right in. It works every time except for when the hotels are smart enough to hand out wristbands and ask to see them.

9. You Have Spent a Ridiculous Amount of Money on a Water Bottle (Swell or Hydroflask)

Arizona is always hot, even when it should be cold. This is why we all spend so much money on insulated and pretty water bottles. My hydroflask is the best $45 I've ever spent. I have had it now for two years and I could not live without it. If you want to drink more water make sure you're doing it out of your overpriced straw lid. 

10. Whole Foods is Your Go-To for Green Juice

Whole Foods Market is the prime grocery store to find anything and all things organic, vegan, and overall healthy yet overpriced. They even sell body care and skincare. I, however, visit for their delicious smoothies, like my personal favorite the Green and Glowing.