Everyone loves those classic late-night YouTube binge sessions; they're perfect for procrastinating studying or putting off writing that essay due tomorrow. More often than not, you might think to yourself, “That was so not worth it,” and proceed to click the next video out of the curiosity coming from pure boredom. That being said, there is one YouTube channel that will always be worth checking out: Brother’s Green Eats, an online cooking show run by brothers Mike and Josh Greenfield.

The brothers demonstrate low-cost, quick and easy recipes that are perfectly suited for college students. They stretch leaps and bounds beyond simply showing a handful of cheap eats to instead give you cool, fun and creative ways to make weeknight dinner exciting. 

Here are a few reasons why Brother's Green Eats is easily my favorite cooking channel on YouTube (and well worth watching as the ideal procrastination tool).

1. It's creative

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These guys come up with the wackiest recipes of all time. Who wouldn’t want to try a Rice Krispie Treat bacon-banana-peanut-butter sandwich or a Snickers croissant s’more—both with four ingredients or fewer? Or how about mashing together McDonald's and Chinese Takeout?
These are exciting, innovative ways to mix up your kitchen creations, using accessible, everyday ingredients. 

2. It's hilarious

Cooking never gets stale with all the funny dialogue and witty banter that goes on during this show. The brothers even go head-to-head in Mario Kart (during the show itself) to spice things up and keep viewers engaged.  

3. The brothers create simple, cheap recipes

Most of the recipes that these guys make are easy, but always extremely tasty. They even tailor them specifically to college students with separate dorm room and hotel room cooking series videos (read: a steak recipe using a clothing iron and a coffee machine). ‘Nuff said.

4. They create delicious recipes 

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I’ve made a few of the brothers' recipes, and they were straight-up delicious. The "Wendy's" spicy chicken sandwich is easily one of the best creations I’ve ever made.

The work of art consisted of a piece of chicken breaded with flour and egg, enhanced by various spices like cayenne pepper and, of course, hot sauce. This chicken cutlet, fried in a pan, rests between two toasted butter buns with iceberg lettuce, mayo and a crisp tomato.

I have also devoured the brothers' four-ingredient toaster cinnamon rolls on multiple occasions, as well as their mock McGriddles made in just a couple minutes in a microwave. Simple, tasty and reminiscent of childhood favorites–what more could you ask for in a cooking show?!

5. They create quick recipes

Mike and Josh offer videos that make cooking easy, even if you're in a hurry. You can create dinner for your friends in fifteen minutes just by following their recipes. I highly recommend the videos for spicing up dull Ramen if you're looking for some of the quickest dinners of all time (without skimping at all on taste). Other incredible fifteen-minute recipe creations include their chicken tostadas, veggie coconut curry and Asian noodle soup

6. They are food experimenters

When YouTube stars fast for five days straight for their fans, you know that they're dedicated to pushing the boundaries of food-focused journalism. They also have a food series about what happens when you need to clean out your entire refrigerator by making a series of tasty, cheap meals.  If that's not innovative enough, they also reinvented the tornado potato.

7. They replicate fast food

I’ve already talked about the Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich, but how about recreating the entire Wendy’s value menu from your own kitchen? Or Taco Bell’s entire menu? Or the beloved Chipotle burrito?

With Mike and Josh, there's no need to leave the comforts of your own home to enjoy these satisfying fast food favorites.

8. They cater to those with no cooking experience

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Perfect for when you want to impress your date despite the fact that the only food you’ve ever made is a grilled cheese (and you burned it).

9. They are on TV

These guys have their very own MTV cooking show. Both brothers were also contestants on Chopped. Bottom line: they're sort of famous.

10. They are an inspiration to brothers around the world

Mike and Josh do everything together—from cooking to hanging out to even making food music videos together. These guys show the best of what being brothers is all about. 

If you're not convinced by now to visit their channel, don’t come crawling back to me for cooking help when I’m devouring my one-dollar peanut butter and jelly quesadilla.