Here in Santa Cruz, we live under the sun, at the beach, and through the redwoods. But also, and even more beautiful? The amazing Spoon University team at UC Santa Cruz! Our spoon chapter is dedicated to bringing you all things food because of food, as we all know, is the key source of survival to college and trick to bring people together for study groups. So, raise your plastic microwaved bowl of instant mac and cheese and cheer. Here’s the opportunity and reason for you banana sluggn’ foodies out there to join us. 

1) Be the first to know of all things food for Santa Cruz

In this little vacation town, one might think there’s barely anything to eat or barely anything to try. If that were the case, how did this town end up getting Guy Fieri to do a Diner, Drive-Ins, and Dives segment at Santa Cruz Diner or have Donelly’s Chocolate Shop be awarded by National Geographic to be one of the “top 10 world's finest”? Spoon is there to report all the specialties there are, and you could be the first to know.

2) Help others survive “adulting”

Starting to hear jargon like “balance the checkbook” or realizing that you actually need to show up to that business meeting? You’re not alone. At Spoon University, we know the struggle is real. With members of every class, we’ll share those protips with you between those have grown or still need to grow.

3) Showing off your Insta-worthy photos and Oscar-worthy films

Camera, photos, food
Carolyne Su

Are you the person who can’t start eating your meal without posting a mouth-watering picture of it? What about filming that short moment of serenity when you achieved the perfect cheese pull from your pizza? To us, we believe you’ve just created art. Get ready for likes, hearts, and #foodporn for days.

4) Get the inside scoop on the latest food 

Extra! Extra! Read all about food! This just in Spoon University has spilled the release of Starbucks newest Frappuccino! The inside scoop of food media could have you first in line for the next rainbow unicorn drink or discontinued sauce from McDonald’s. Why not be the first to dig in to?

5) Eat anything you want 

If you hadn’t caught on yet, WE LOVE FOOD. It is important that we share all experiences that comes with what we eat. We understand that these experiences are not without an adventure for taste buds and in the name of research we fully support this. Need a partner in crime to sample every ice cream at the parlor? How about eating nothing but Halo Top for almost a week? Go for it!

6) Reach your health goals

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Jocelyn Hsu

You know that moment where question why you’ve still been feeling sluggish for the past week and you notice there’s nothing in your pantry but Frosted Flakes? Is there a link? Would “Grrrreat!” cereal be the end of you? Answers to things like these won’t be found Web MD but will be on Spoon! Get access to our fresh, nutritious recipes and or take health advice shared all around. 

7) Network with other Spoon Schools

ice, ice cream, cream
Sara Tane

While UCSC is a chapter of Spoon, there are many other chapters just like us. From Northwestern (the OG campus) to UC Berkley to Oxford, there’s a Spoon for students all over the world. As a digital media source for students by students, what better way to know our generation globally but through food?

8) Attract people to your campus

We are proud foodies as much as we are banana slugs. Even others have recognized what to eat in Santa Cruz “before you die”. While there’s still so much to share with us, people can’t wait to find out what more to do, to eat, to taste, to explore! 

9) Be a part of the foodie slug family

Being part of UCSC’s spoon family means more than just eating your way through slug life. With us, we’re here to support your beliefs because it’s important for us to hear your opinions. Even if you feel like you’re just someone starting off at the kid’s table, we all just end up being big kids.

10) To experience something great which will lead you to something greater

Speaking of the big kids, how about the big guys? Content from Spoon University has not only been shared/ featured in major publications like The Post and Food Beast but have also served as a gateway for students to step into the companies. After all, college is about having a taste of professionalism isn’t it?

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