Alton Brown, God of Food Network, diabolical genius behind Cutthroat Kitchen, and omniscient narrator of Iron Chef battles, has an incredible instagram that any self-respecting foodie should be following.  It’s not just because he posts pictures of food (though the ones he posts are amazing). Theres so much more to this nerdy, adorable super-chef. Here’s why you should pick up your phone right now and click “follow.”

1. He’s a self-proclaimed “thyme lord”

Hey @simonmajumdar, this is what I think! 4 was my first! #doctorwho

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Foodies and whovians unite! Alton Brown, king of food puns isn’t bluffing in his bio, he actually loves Dr. Who.

2. You get to preview his cookbook

My take on Chilaquiles for #EveryDayCook, which will be out next year

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Next year, Alton Brown will release Every Day Cook, but stay ahead of the curve and look at the preview pictures he posts on instagram.

3. He’s really into cars

Alton Brown doesn’t just love the classics. BMW actually let him test-drive one of their newest models (the BMWi3).

4. Like the rest of us, he has way too many mugs

There are a whole lot more in storage. #nationalcoffeeday

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Mugs are the best. But sometimes I feel guilty buying every cute one I see. I’m glad to know my favorite foodie has the same problem.

5. He gives important cooking tips

Alton Brown gives the best cooking tips for how to do things better and faster, like this trick for mincing garlic for hummus.

6. He doesn’t liked to be judged

Don't you judge me.

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Maybe you’re struggling with a diet. Maybe you don’t care. Either way, Alton Brown will eat four different kinds of donuts in one sitting with you, and smile while doing it.

7. He’s impeccably dressed

Today on the #cutthroatkitchen set…#fiftyshadesofbrown

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Style-icon and food-icon all rolled into one. What more could you ask for?

8. He’s friends with Bill Nye

Me and my hero.

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Like every college student in America, Alton Brown says Bill Nye is his hero. Do I hear a chorus of “Bill! Bill! Bill!” coming on?

9. He’s addicted to coffee

Good morning! @fortezzacoffee #ABRoadEatsFtWayne

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He’s not just a foodie, but a coffee connoisseur too. Follow his instagram to know the best places to get your caffeine fix.

10. He proves that college is forever

Some days the only right answer is: cold pizza. Am I right?

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He eats (and enjoys) cold pizza, takes a ton of selfies, and always dresses to the theme of the party. Do foodies really ever graduate, or do we all just morph into Alton Brown?