Recently my friends and I ventured out to Sushi Crescent, an all you can eat (AYCE) sushi restaurant‒I’ll let that settle in your minds for a little. There, we stuffed our faces with an array of delectable and melt-in-your mouth sushi, sashimi, hand rolls and spring rolls, for a reasonable price.

We may have left with tighter jeans and in a near food coma, but I sure didn’t regret a single roll that had found its way into my mouth. So here is a disclaimer: wear your stretchiest pair of pants and bring your hungriest of friends in order to fully immerse yourself in the AYCE spirit.

Here are the top ten reasons I did not regret this outing one little bit.

1. All you can eat does indeed mean ALL you can eat.


Photo by Annie Eng

So order however much you want, of anything that you want. Be careful though and don’t leave anything on your plate or they will charge you a dollar for each roll.

2. It’s a reasonable price.


Photo by Santina Renzi

For ordering anything you want and however much you want, I paid a moderate price of $25.99. The price on weekdays is cheaper, at $23.99 (and $15.99 for lunch).

3.You can try it all.


Photo by Molly Krohe

Sushi Crescent is ONLY AYCE, meaning anything on the menu can be an option, including squid or octopus balls, so get adventurous.

4. Order however much you want.


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You can order either 1 dragon roll or 22, you choose.

5. AYCE Sushi is all over Montreal.


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Sushi Crescent has other downtown locations such as Sushi St-Denis and Sushi St-Catherine.

6. You can eat more than just sushi.


Photo by Marissa Sherman

You can enjoy this restaurant and the advantages of AYCE even if raw fish isn’t up your alley. Try ordering noodle, fried rice, or dumplings.

7. Ordering is simple.


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My friends and I ordered at least five times throughout the night just by indicating how many of each food item we wanted. The waiters are used to this and are constantly checking up on tables to see if you want to order again—which you definitely do.

8. The venue is casual yet nice.


Photo by Nicolle Luftman

It seems to be a popular restaurant and in the center of the city so it’s always packed, making for a fun yet relaxed outing.

9. You can be adventurous.


Photo by Nicolle Luftman

Don’t just order yourself a California roll, but try multiple. You can honestly try one sole roll of anything. If you don’t like it, ether go back to California or just try something new.

10. Fast service.


Photo by Rebecca Block

Like I said, we ordered multiple times throughout the night, and each time we were surprised by how fast our food came out especially since it was a pretty busy Saturday night.

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