Having grown up in the south, and now living in the Midwest and traveling to the north, there’s no debate that there are many regional differences. Restaurants and manners are only just the beginning. However, I thought I would briefly highlight the top ten that I’ve encountered…

1. Can you please bring me brewed sweet tea instead of unsweetened tea with sugar on the side?

Photo By Rebeka Alvarez Heck

Photo by Rebeka Alvarez Heck

If you grew up in the south, chances are that you are an addict to sweet tea. From Chick-fil-A sweet tea to home-brewed, there’s nothing sweeter than southern sweet tea. However, northerners do not understand how sweet tea is any different than simply adding sugar to un-sweetened tea. A true southerner knows it doesn’t dissolve properly or even remotely taste the same.

2. Can I please get a side of butter?

Photo courtesy of dailyhealthpost.com

Southerners LOVE butter, and for a good reason…it makes everything better. Bread? That needs butter. Corn? That needs butter. Mashed Potatoes? That needs butter. Anything healthy? That needs butter.

3. What do you mean you don’t serve grits?

Photo courtesy of parmesan.com

If you have ever eaten grits in front of a northerner, chances are that you have gotten the “ew, that looks like throw up” or “why do that oatmeal look so gross?”. Little do they know that creamy, dreamy cheese grits are borderline to die for. From the thick butter and cheese, to the salty deliciousness of the grits, every restaurant needs to have grits.

4. Can you take this Pepsi back and bring me a real soda?

The south is known for Coca-Cola. Nearly every restaurant in the south serves Coca-Cola, so don’t you dare bring me a Pepsi when I asked for a Coke.

5. Why don’t you have peach cobbler as a dessert option?

Photo courtesy of bettycrocker.com

Georgia peaches…ain’t nothing sweeter. Every southerner knows that peach cobbler is on every dessert menu, so why don’t you serve Paula Deen’s delicious peach cobbler?!

6. Why is this chicken grilled and not fried?

Photo By huffingtonpost.com

Why eat something healthy when you could make it extremely unhealthy? If you haven’t tried southern fried chicken, then you haven’t had real, fried chicken.

7. Is there any way you can serve waffles as a side of my chicken?

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Pairing the best breakfast food with the best lunch food and serving it at together? That is pure genius, and even more genius…syrup on top of fried chicken. Next time you’re in the south, make sure to make a pit stop at any local Waffle House for this delicious meal.

8. Why isn’t there gravy served with my mashed potatoes?

Photo courtesy of cafedeliciousonline.com

Southerners love butter, but in a close second…southerners love their gravy. Gravy, similar to butter, makes nearly every food better. Gravy on mashed potatoes, gravy on biscuits, gravy on everything, the more gravy the better!

9. Where’s the moonshine?

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Not that Moonshine is legal but chances are, you’re still going to find Moonshine in the south. If you brew it, I’ll drink it.

10. Why aren’t you responding to thank you with my pleasure?

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Manners are key to southern hospitality, so if I say thank you, I expect “my pleasure” in return. Why can’t everyone has manners like Chick-Fil-A?