Whether you’re trying to write a ten page paper or just get through the last chapter of a book, some days you just need more of an energy boost than others.

With some help from Caffeine Informer and other company websites, we’ve ranked the caffeine on campus from most to least caffeinated.

1. Plain Coffee

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A plain old cup of coffee is still the best way to go if you’re trying to maximize your caffeine. A small coffee from the pub contains about 245mg of caffeine, and a large coffee from the pub has about 326mg.

Want even more of a boost? Ask for a shot of espresso in your coffee and add an extra 63mg of caffeine.

2. Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans

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Caffeine in candy form? Yes please. This 3-oz. bag found in the pub contains 210mg of caffeine, each bean has about 7mg of caffeine.

3. Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso Drink

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Not only do these have 145mg of caffeine, they also have 50% of your daily value of Vitamin C and 40% of your daily value of Calcium. Triple win.

4. Starbucks Bottled Ice Coffee

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Although these pre-bottled coffees may not have as much caffeine as the fresh stuff, they still have 115mg and they’re the perfect alternative for if you’re in a rush or need something re-sealable you can throw in your bag.

5. Large Chai Tea Latte

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These lattes actually don’t contain espresso, just steamed milk and tea. The tea part has more caffeine than you’d expect, they’ll give you a 95mg boost.

If you love chai and are feeling extra tired, ask for a “dirty chai” for an added shot of espresso, which will boost you up to about 160mg of caffeine.

6. Starbucks Bottled Frappuccino

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This sweet treat will make any assignment seem easier. Caffeine in disguise and several flavors to choose from in the pub, these fraps contain 90mg of caffeine.

7. Red Bull


Even though it’s said to give us wings, Red Bull only contains 80mg of caffeine..you’d have to drink a little more than 3 of them to get the same amount of caffeine as a small coffee from the pub. Even so, these suffice for non-coffee drinkers.

8. Pure Leaf Unsweetened Iced Tea

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Not a coffee fan? Pure leaf has 70mg of caffeine and is a refreshing drink on a warm spring day.

9. Latte or cappuccino from the pub

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It’s a common misconception that espresso has more caffeine than a cup of coffee since the 1-oz. shot of espresso is more concentrated with caffeine than 1-oz. of coffee. However, typical latte from the pub, hot or iced, only contains one espresso shot (63mg of caffeine) and steamed milk.

Need more? Ask for a double or triple shot of espresso in your drink next time.

10. Tazo English Breakfast Awake

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If you’re on a budget and need some caffeine, a large tea from the pub won’t break the bank on your meal plan, and English breakfast will give you 61mg of caffeine.


According to research, it’s okay for the healthy adult population to take in up to 400mg of caffeine per day. Whether coffee naps are your thing, or you’d rather figure out the maximum caffeine timing with this app, drink up…we all know college kids are powered by caffeine.

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