10 of the Best Cheap Wines at Walmart

As the daughter of a sommelier, there are few important things I take into consideration when trying a glass of wine to be able to differentiate between a good and a bad bottle. The first thing is to look at the glass and see what color the wine is—red, rosé or white. If it has a dark color, it means it's oxidized, which might indicate it is an older wine. 

The next thing is to swirl and smell it. Put your nose all the way down into the glass, take a deep breath and inhale the odor of the wine. The aromas can tell you a lot about the wine (age, type of grape, etc).

Lastly, taste the wine (obvs). Keep it in your mouth and try to swirl it in there. You will be able to judge it more precisely and know if it is a cheap wine or not. I did this, and I must say, I am pretty happy with the outcome and really hope you are as well (I know your wallet will be!). If you're a college student who lives under a budget, but still wants to have a good glass of wine, go to Walmart and get yourself some of these bottles of wine.

#SpoonTip: Walmart might stock different types of wine, depending on where you live. 

1. Cono Sur, Single Vineyard Block 23 Rulos Del Alto Riesling 2015 ($12.45)

This Chilean wine is one of the best ones yet! With an essence of grapefruit and apple aroma, the sweet of it makes it easy to drink and simple to enjoy. The taste is similar to a Merlot because of its sweetness which go perfectly as a dessert wine or with cheese. 

2. Domaine D'orfeuilleds, Les Coudraies Vouvray 2014 ($12.40)

The flavor of this wine is similar to oak. However, accompanying it with some protein and vegetables will make the wine's flavor stronger. I recommend having it with Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Bacon, a-ma-zing! The intense flavor of the wine will combine with the food in your mouth. 

3. Miguel Torres, Días de Verano Reserva Muscat 2015 ($11.21

This one is like tasting a rollercoaster! It is a “new world” white wine, which means it was stored in the barrel for a short amount of time. Its sweetness and flavor combination of grape, and ginger essence goes perfectly with fish.

4. Pure Provence, Côtes de Provence 2015 ($11.20)

]If you are a fan of sweet flavors, this cherry/almond like wine is a must! I do not recommend pairing it with dessert, because that would be too sweet or a combination. White meat, vegetables or cheese is your best option.

5. Laudun Chusclan Vignerons, Cinq Cépages Côtes Du Rhône 2015 ($11.20)

Grape, apple and strawberry flavor... too much sweetness in a bottle. I am not very fund of sweet drinks, so, I would rather have some candy tbh. Still, it is not a bad bottle of wine, and the price is really good. As a recommendation, you can have any other Cavernet Suavignon or Bordeaux, which is a similar grape but have more of a plum/cherry flavor if you're like me and prefer a much stronger drink.

6. Sileni, Cellar Selection Merlot 2015 ($10.59)

Its flavor is like mint and eucalyptus. Sileni Merlot is a dry wine that I recommend pairing with some red meat to make the wine taste better.

7. Trivento, Reserve Malbec Luján De Cuyo 2015 ($9.97

One word: SOUR. The Malbec grape is known to be strong, but this wine was next level acidic. If you want a Malbec, Álamos is a little more expensive, but is another good option. 

8. Vidal-Fleury, Ventoux 2014 ($7.46)

Have you ever had Brookside's Acai Dark Chocolates?  This is just like it. What better than having a chocolate taste in wine?

#SpoonTip: For all of you out there who do not like too much sweet, try the brand Evodia. It's less sweet and has a touch of berry and pepper spice.

9. Pais De Poetas, Merlot 2014 ($8.38)

Simple, juicy and fresh; the taste is similar to red fruits such as berries. País de Poetas is a wine that can be used to impress your parents, friends, couple or just to have some nice dinner with red meat and cheese. It is an easy flavor to blend with multiple foods and still have a great taste of it. 

10. La Moneda, Reserva Malbec 2015 ($7.00)

This wine was named the best wine of 2016 for a reason. It is sweet, but not too sweet. It's the perfect combination between vanilla and some spice, which allows it to blend with multiple food choices wether they are sugary or not. 

You do not need to spend too much money on wine. Remember, a higher price doesn't mean a wine is higher quality. I found these wines at my local Walmart, but you can purchase them online as well.