A classic way to reminisce about your childhood is through candy. You won't believe the big part candy played in your life as a kid until you flashback to eating these amazingly underrated and sadly forgotten nostalgic candies.

1. OUCH! Gum

You didn't have to have a "boo-boo" to chew this gum. Something about sticks of gum packaged to look like a band-aid made unwrapping a piece all the more fun. The bright and colorful metal tins came stalked with three flavors: strawberry, watermelon, and grape and were great for holding valuables after all the gum was chewed.

The "OUCH!" brand was redesigned in 2009, losing the tin containers and exclusively coming in the bubblegum flavor. RIP.

2. Nestle Wonder Ball

This candy did the impossible by combining two of kids' favorite things: chocolate and toys. Essentially the "Happy Meals of chocolate," the round chocolate ball appeared quite normal from the outside, but on the inside lied small figurines of Disney characters.

Unfortunately, production quickly came to a halt when Nestle came to their senses and realized the choking hazard it created. So their next move, perhaps an even better idea, was to fill the interior with candy. 

The Wonder Balls came in a variety of themes including Disney, Pokémon, Cartoon Network, Care Bears, and Winnie the Pooh. The Wonder Ball was mysteriously discontinued in 2007. Rumor had it a child had choked, but the chocking allegations were never confirmed. 

3. Hershey Kissables

If you never had these, you sadly never will and it's a shame. Imagine M&ms, but ten times better. Hershey kissables were shaped like tiny Hershey's Kisses and were coated in a thick sugar shell.

They came in red, orange, yellow, green and blue, and also special colors to go along with holidays. There was even a dark chocolate version called Kissables Dark. 

4. Butterfinger BB's

In 1992 Butterfinger rolled out bags of Butterfinger BB's. Roughly the size of a marble, these candies were essentially tiny circular butterfingers, and they were a huge hit. These nostalgic candies were even sponsored by the Simpsons, which led to some pretty awesome commercials

5. Hubba Bubba Bubble Jug

Essentially gum dust in your own personal tiny jug. Flavors included Tropical Fruit, Grape, Orange Crush, Watermelon Punch, and Caribbean Blend. Shortly after putting some powder in your mouth, it would quite magically turn into gum.

Unfortunately, they were discontinued in the late 90s. Never fear, other brands have created a similar product available for purchase today. 

6. Lollipop Paint Shop

This candy contraption consisted of a small plastic can filled with candy powder and a lollipop in the shape of a paint brush. Kids would lick the lollipop, dip it into the 8-ounce can of powder, and lick the powder off the brush.

Some parents weren't too happy with the message the product apparently gave off, which was that eating paint is okay. Of course, someone had to ruin all the dipping and licking fun. At least we still have fun dip.

7. Push Pops

Quite possibly one of the most revolutionary ideas, the push pop was a lollipop you could save for later. And as kids, we just had to try every flavor. I was always partial to the Raspberry Lemonade myself. Push Pops are still sold today, and still delicious. 

8. Fruit Stripe Gum

This unique Zebra themed gum was chewed by all of us as kids. And we chewed a lot because the flavor lasted for a couple of minutes at best. Between Yipes, the Zebra mascot used to advertize the gum, and the enticing collectable temporary tattoos that came in the packs, it's no surprise why we loved it so much.

Fruit Stripe is the only gum that boasts painted-on stripes, and zebra-striped wrappers. Two five-flavor packs are sold, with flavors such as wet n' wild melon, cotton candy, and peach smash. Although close to impossible to find, Fruit Stripe is still sold in certain stores

9. Hubba Bubba Squeeze Pop

Thinking back, I'm definitely not proud of having purchased this one. Nothing screams diabetes like The Hubba Bubba Squeeze Pop Liquid Candy Tubes. This squeezable sugary candy came in multiple flavors including Watermelon, Cherry, and Blue Raspberry.

10. Skittles Gum

Although short lived, Skittles gum was a classic alternative to Skittles. For two years, your favorite Skittles could be chewed for more than a few seconds and in a variety of flavors. You could purchase a red box with fruity flavors or a black box with  extreme fruity flavors, or essentially a sour version.

Clearly we liked our gum. Back in the day, there was also Nerds gum and Airheads gum for a period of time. Apparently every candy needed a gum equivalent and I can't say I have a problem with that.

Although gone, these candies are never forgotten. There's no doubt they left a sugary hole in our hearts.