It’s that time of the month again, celebration time! Being that 7/10 of these holidays celebrate life’s greatest treasures– desserts– it only makes sense that we go all out. Every month brings new and fun surprises and June does not disappoint. These June food holidays are sure to make a summer splash! I’m really not even sure which one I’m most excited to celebrate (it’s a tie between the 4thand the 7th😋).

June 4- National Cheese Day

Starting June off in the best way possible has me excited to see what else is in store food wise this month! One of the greatest foods ever created, cheese can be used in so many different ways, which means endless celebrations. I think there should be a special day for EVERY kind of cheese, but that might be pushing it just a little. Whether you keep it classy with some crackers and fruit or indulge in some ooey-gooey mac and cheese, today can’t possibly be a bad day.

June 7- National Donut Day

Being the other best food ever created, donuts have a very special place in my heart. I love a good classic glazed, but I’m definitely not mad about all the wacky fun flavors that are being presented. I could go on and on about the glory of everything and anything donut, but let me just let you in on a little secret. The best part about today? Free donuts! Stop by your nearest Dunkin’, Duck Donuts, or Krispy Kreme and pick up a free classic to celebrate the day the right way.

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Megan Clarkson

June 10- National Iced Tea Day

If you’re from the South today is YOUR day. Nothing says home sweet home like a good fresh pitcher of Southern Sweet Tea. Undoubtedly the best kind of iced tea there is, sweet tea makes every meal just that much better. Celebrate today with hosting a barbecue or make a quick run to Chick-Fil-A. Either way, I can guarantee that a glass of sweet tea is the perfect addition you didn’t know you needed.

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June 13- Cupcake Lovers’ Day

I mean this day is really just for the entire world, right? Because who doesn’t love cupcakes? If you’re not celebrating today, one of the best June food holidays, you’re not living your best life. Some of my favorite classic flavors include red velvet and rich dark chocolate. And let me tell you, a day doesn’t go by where I don’t crave a decadent fluffy cupcake, but rarely is that craving actually satisfied😢. It’s called self-control, people. But today, that self-control is out the window because I have about 3 months’ worth of cravings to satisfy, and I’m not gonna feel guilty about until tomorrow.

June 14- National Strawberry Shortcake Day

Strawberry Shortcake reminds me of summer and fun and fresh, which makes sense that we celebrate this sweet treat in the first few weeks of summer. But there are other ways to celebrate a strawberry shortcake besides the good old classic pastry. Strawberry shortcake Ice Cream bars scream childhood ice cream truck, or try something new with strawberry shortcake pancakes or muffins or waffles. Just about any favorite breakfast carb can become a strawberry shortcake.

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Clare Beatty

June 16- National Fudge Day

I’m a fan of a nice milk chocolate regular, but I’m also here for different unique flavors like mint, peanut butter, and cookies and cream. I’ve made fudge before, and it’s not super difficult, but it is super delicious. A fun way to celebrate today is to try out some new flavors. Travel to your nearest fudge shop (or any store that sells fudge) (or order online) and make a day of it! It’s fun, it’s yummy, and it’s the perfect sweet treat.

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Caitlin Shoemaker

June 17- National Apple Strudel Day

I’m not the biggest fan of apple desserts, but strudel is one I can get behind. It’s like a dessert hot pocket! Fresh bakeries are the place to be today and the second you walk in, that cinnamon sugar smell wafting through your nose is enough to hypnotize you into buying 6 too many strudels. But hey, no one is judging you, don’t worry.

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June 20- National Vanilla Milkshake Day

The sweet treats just keep coming! This day might seem a little bland, but a plain vanilla milkshake can go a really long way. Besides bringing all the boys to the yard, vanilla shakes pair perfectly with salty treats like fries. They’re also super fun to dress up with whipped cream, sprinkles, and of course, a cherry.

June 22- National Onion Ring Day

This is another salty treat that pair nicely with a vanilla shake. Whether you celebrate a two for one or just the rings, these greasy fried circles make any day a little bit happier. Top off your burgers or try some new dipping sauces, but however you indulge today, you won’t regret it (until maybe tomorrow).

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Caroline Liu

June 26- National Chocolate Pudding Day

One final dessert to round out a month-long sweet celebration. Chocolate pudding is high key super underrated and one of my favorite lunchtime snacks as a kid. Heck, I just bought a pack at the market the other day! I understand it’s a texture thing for some people, but if you’re like me and the jiggle doesn’t scare you, you have to try homemade, because it doesn’t even compare. One of the last few good June food holidays can be topped off with a little squirt of whipped cream on top and you’re ready to dive right in.

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