While people all over the world go crazy about everything related to food, we indian people do it with a certain passion. Probably the greatest example of our unity in diversity lies in the variety of cuisine our country offers and that one common love for food that dwells in all of us.

Celebrating the same, we present to you 10 moments that all Indian foodies have experienced some time or the other: 

1. When your parents make you tag along on a family event

Hanging with the weird aunts and cousins in the fam is only worth it when you get to do some pet-puja.

2. When you see the waiter walk in with the food you ordered

No matter how much self-restraint you possess, you can not hide the spark in your eyes when food arrives at your table in a restaurant 

3. When you're eating a seasonal dish at the end of the season

If it's the last sarso ka saag of this winter, you've got to eat enough of it to remember till next season.

4. When you find a food stall giving out free samples for promotion

Free food samples are God's greatest gift to us mortals. It takes the sales rep anything between a polite refusal and a death-stare to make us stop mooching off the freebies.

5. When you're done with dieting after the big wedding in the family

We Indians resort to dieting only for two reasons: the first is dharna, and the other is to fit into our fancy wedding finery. Once the latter is done, the next step is to hog till you drop. After all, you only lost all that weight so that you could eat more to reward yourself.

6. When you take the first bite of junk food after days of having khichdi during illnesses

Being sick is the worst thing ever, and sometimes your only motivation for getting better is the prospect of eating something other than bland food. All those days of plugging up your nose to eat nasty khichdi are redeemed when you finally get to take a bite of some real food.

7. When your maa lets you have a second serving of your favourite dish

You have the same reaction when your siblings let you take the last bite of their butter chicken.

8. When you find an unlimited buffet option that fits your budget

It is almost as if this is the moment you have been training for all your life.

9. When an irrelevant annoying aunty judges you for the quantity of food on your plate

You probably pile a dozen more kebabs on your plate while looking her in the eye. The social expectations of desi aunties is too much for you to keep up with, anyway.

10. When Navratras finally end

Some people think celibacy is hard. Indians know that Navratras are harder. Nothing beats the satisfaction of biting into onions and non-vegetarian food after this long hiatus. We all just went through this recently, right?