Seeing as the holidays are in full swing, you’re probably trying to think of some creative gifts to put in stockings this year or to use for Secret Santa (a word to the wise: $10 gift cards to Starbucks are pretty unoriginal).

While everyone knows the M-Den is the hottest spot in Ann Arbor to for all game day apparel needs (think winter hat, face tats, onesies, etc.), you may not have taken the time to explore the enormous selection of miscellaneous stuff they have managed to make Michigan-themed.

Like a true foodie, I sought out the stuff that could either be eaten or used in the kitchen. Here are 10 perfect Michigan themed food (or drink) related gifts — all for under $10.

1. University of Michigan Shot Glasses ($4.95 each): Available in a several different designs, these glasses are perfect for any college pregame (assuming you’re 21, wink wink). If you’re not yet legal, they’re still a cool collectors item you can bust out for your first drink on your 21st birthday.

2. Maize and Blue Jelly Beans ($7.95): Jelly beans have always been my favorite candy, so I got excited about these. The package advertises a mixture of lemon- and blueberry-flavored beans. Perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Photo by Annie Madole

3. Football Pez Candy Dispenser ($2.00): Who doesn’t remember collecting these silly toys when they were younger? So cheap, yet cute and quirky. Bonus points for the throwback factor.

4. Jell-O Jigglers Mold Kit ($6.69): Basically it’s a Michigan themed Jell-O shot kit. It has Berry Blue and Lemon Jell-O mixes and plastic trays that make little cubes with the block M on them. Perfect.

5. Personalized Coffee Mugs ($9.95): During the cold Michigan winters, hot coffee, tea and hot chocolate are a must. These mugs are a classic and you can even get them with your name on them, if you can find the elusive one with your exact name (and spelling). Good luck.

6. Block M Cookie Cutter ($8.00): If you’re sick of having boring circular cookies and want to spice things up, this cookie cutter has you covered. Perfect for your grandma baking those holiday cookies.

7. Ultimate Wolverine Pasta Salad Kit ($6.95): Contains blue and yellow M-shaped noodles. It comes with sauce to make pasta salad, but it can be served any way you like. Delish.

Photo by Annie Madole

8. University of Michigan Mini Drink Umbrellas ($5.95 for a 24 pack): Those little toothpick umbrellas they sometimes put into tropical drinks are always fun (if also completely unnecessary). Stick one of these babies into your drink and “BAM!” It’s like you’re on an exotic vacation.

9. Radz Candy Dispenser ($7.95): This gift is perfect if you have any little kids in the family. A cute little maize man dispenses candies opening his mouth and sticking out his tongue when you push back his hat. Love it.

10. Football Helmet Salt and Pepper Shakers ($15.95): Ok, technically this one was over the $10 price cap, but they’re totally sick and in the shape of Michigan Football Helmets. They are even labeled as salt or pepper so you don’t use the wrong one by accident.
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