Nowadays it seems that Mason Jars aren't just used for drinks, but are repurposed for a whole bunch of different reasons. To name a few, they're used for storage, as lanterns, for loose change, and for food. The multi-purpose use of these jars got me thinking that they would make pretty nice gifts since they are so versatile. Whatever you decide to include in the jar makes the gift a 2-in-1 present. Thus, here are 15 Mason Jar gifts you'll want to give to your friends asap. 

DIY Hot Chocolate Mason Jar

A pre-made jar of your favorite hot chocolate! Pick your favorite flavor and top it with sprinkles and marshmallows. Couldn't be easier. 

Wanderlust Mason Jar

Give a jar to someone who loves traveling as inspiration to save up and explore the world. 

Lollipop Mason Jar

It can't get better than a bouquet of lollipops. Plus, you can dye the Mason Jar to look cute and all so it can double as storage. 

Banana Bread Mason Jar

This gift is double the sweet since it's a delicious dessert that also looks really cute. 

DIY Cookie Mason Jar

So what if you don't know what to give? Everyone loves cookies, so fill up a jar with the ingredients for someone's favorite cookie flavor.

Music Sheet Mason Jar Candle

Know any musicians? Print out some sheet music of their favorite song, add a candle and a bow, and wa-la! 

DIY Funfetti Mason Jar Candle

This looks edible, I know, but sadly it's not. However, it still is pretty cute and it makes for a good birthday gift, looking like a birthday cake and all. 

Fairy Lights Mason Jar

Is your friend a lover of fairy lights? Support their obsession and give them as many jar filled fairy lights that they can decorate their room with.

Copper Mason Jar Centerpiece

What an aesthetically pleasing photo. You'll need some flowers and some spray paint for this one, but it'll be worth it in the end.

DIY Caramel Apple

Do you want to give a DIY caramel apple? It's easy. Fill the jar with caramel, their favorite topping, and top with an apple of course. 

DIY Mason Jar Succulent 

Know any plant lovers? Give them something to keep their plants in while also being aesthetically pleasing. 

Cupcake Mason Jar

This is cute, right? Personally, anything tiny is adorable and I would love a cupcake in a small mason jar. 

Culinary Mason Jar

If you're friends with a culinary expert, give them a place to keep their utensils! Plus, they'll remember you when they're making their next delicious creation. 

Tea Time Mason Jar

Do you know a tea lover? Gift them a jar filled with their favorite tea flavors and they can even use the jar to drink their tea from!

Sconces Mason Jars

How cute would this be to hang around the house?  Plus, sconces just sound and look fancy as heck. 

I hope one of these ideas fulfills your mason jar gift giving needs. Have fun!