Halloween might be far away but sometimes it doesn't hurt to plan a little ahead. Before you even know it, October would be here and you and your friends will be quickly scrambling to  assemble a group costume together. So what is better to dress up as than food itself? Here are 10 last minute DIY group food costumes for y'alls.

1. Boxed Wine

Use a trash bag and create two holes on the bottoms for your legs. Fill it with tissue papers corresponding to the color of your wine. This idea won't make you look trashy but classy.

2. Candies

Use the main color of the candy wrapper as your t-shirt. For a more classy look, you can use felt and sew it onto the shirt. For the lazy people out there, just print out the logo and tape it or hang it on a string to put around your neck

3. M&Ms

If you want ultimate (and lazier) candy matching, M&Ms might be the way to go. You can easily make this by cutting out a letter M and taping it to your shirt or using iron on transfer paper.

4. Fruits

Another ~berry~ easy and cute group costume! Get a shirt color to match your fruit and decorate it with a fabric marker or paint.

5. Ice Cream

Cut out little sprinkles, chocolate chips, or any of your favorite toppings and put it on top of a colored shirt. For another alternative to cone hats, you can get a nude colored bottom as the cone.

6. Sodas

Print out the logo of the soda brand and paste it on to your shirt. To make the bottle cap, use a pie tin can and paint it.

6. Dunkin Donuts

Grab an old jersey and a donut inflatable to make a punny costume. To match even more, grab matching headbands and whistles. For extra props, get a basketball.

7. Boba

Everyone can be a different tea flavor! Grab a dress (or a shirt) and add black circles on the bottom. For the straw, roll up a piece of paper and stick it onto a headband.

8. Cereal

~Cereal-iously~ another easy costume! Don't throw out your favorite box of cereal when you are done. Instead, punch two holes on each ends of the lid and put a string around it to be able to hang it around your head. Wear an outfit that matches the character on your box.

9. Taco Bell Sauce

Add some spice to the party! Print out the letters and paste it on the top of the dress or shirt. Then cut a white box and write the sauce caption on it.

10. Alcohol

And lastly, you can't forget about the alcohol. Dress up as your favorite drink... or the one that makes you vomit!

Go out and rock the dance floor with your squad. You and your friends are going to make everyone jealous (and hungry) with these last minute food costumes!