With the Holliday season nearing, so are the mounds of food, especially pie! Pie is such a suitable treat for any occasion that we have had it in our lives for as long as one can remember! But with it being such a constant dessert throughout the years, do we really know as much about pie as we eat? Well if you are wanting to increase your knowledge on all things pie, you have come to the right place! Grab a slice of your favorite pie and get ready to read 10 interesting facts about pies to raise your Pie-Q!

1. Pies in the middle ages were filled with different types of meat

Pies in the middle ages were savory and filled with decadent meats instead of the sweet fillings we are familiar with today.

2. Prick the Tops of Your Pie to Release Trapped Stream During Baking

To prevent the crust from getting soggy, one must either poke holes or slits in the top of a pie to let the water vapor vent.

3. Apple Pies are best when made with a mixture of sweet and tart apples

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Jocelyn Hsu

Using just sweet apples will go mushy, so it is ideal to cook with tart apples as well, such as green apples.

4. America Voted Apple as its Favorite Pie

apple pie
Julia Hedelman

Americans recently voted online, apple as their favorite type of pie when choosing amongst cherry, chocolate cream, and pumpkin!

5. A Shoofly Pie is a Traditional Dutch Molasses Pie

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Emma Delaney

Shoofly pie was originally created in order to celebrate the 100th year following the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia.

6. Return Your Pie Dough to the Fridge When it is Too Soft

Soft dough is not ideal to roll out or shape in a pie pan. If you find this is an issue, set it in the fridge and allow it to stiffen to your liking!

7. It is Best to Roll Your Dough from the Center, Outward

Rolling your dough from the center, out allows for a constant density throughout and helps you get the most use out of your dough!

8. Prevent Crust From Cracking By Not Over Cooking or Letting Your Pie Cool too Fast

If a pie is too over cooked or is let to cool too quickly, this will cause the crust to crack. Let the pie properly cool by opening the oven and letting it cool inside with out any additional heat. 

9. To Get the Perfect Crust, Use Cold Butter

Putting cold chunks of butter in your dough creates a distributed buttery dough, allowing it to get extra fluffy while it cooks.

10. There is a Town in New Mexico Named "Pie Town"

Pie town is located in New Mexico making for a great pit stop on your way out west or destination!

You can now officially call your self a pie guru and spread your knowledge to fellow pie lovers! Enjoy the Hollidays knowing exactly how to the make the perfect pie, it's history, or at least how to spot a tasty one! Let them eat pie!