Instagram is used for everything from catching up with friends to searching for the weirdest memes, but one of the best uses for Instagram can be finding meal ideas. There are tons of food bloggers that post tons of food ranging from city-based eats to the weirdest diets. With there being so many different options, finding the best Instagrams to follow for meal ideas can be tricky. These 10 Instagrammers offer a variety of meals and treats that are anything but your usual bowl of plain oatmeal. 


Rachel has a colorful and fun Instagram, without ditching the concept of realistic meals for college students. Her page is full of pancake and oatmeal bakes for breakfast, easy dinners, and quick lunch ideas. 


Cait's Plate is my favorite of all of these Instagrams. She also has a great blog, if you prefer to read in blog format. Cait posts some great recipes and a lot of easy, healthy meal ideas, but that isn't even the best part. Almost every day, for every meal, she posts a quick picture of what she is eating in her instagram story. You see more than just the fancy meals. She can even make a bowl of shredded Mini Wheats look appetizing. 


This Instagrammer posts affordable and quick meal ideas that are great for college students. She also has some great insight on avoiding the traps of diet culture and how to just eat to be happy which is always a great addition to any feed. 


From eggplant pizza to packed lunches to pancakes, this Insta has almost everything. Every meal is represented with varying levels of difficulty to make and the ideas are truly endless.


Danielle posts the most vibrant plates of food loaded with fruits and veggies. Her meals show how easy it can be to add produce into every meal without having to get too fancy. When it comes to eating the rainbow, Danielle has you covered. 


Allie posts almost everything, but the most common thing to see is her dinner bowls. She also makes some mean baked oatmeal and cookies. Her meals are very seasonal, which gives some great inspiration on how to eat locally with what you can find at the farmers markets. 


Annie has a lot of simple snack plates, oatmeal bowls, and basic dinners on her feed, but they all stick true to what is a reality for college students. The simplicity of her meals may not seem exciting at first, but when you are actually looking for a meal idea, there is truly no better place to start. 


Grace has a feed full of colorful fruit and veggies that makes you just want to eat everything. She posts a lot of savory recipes, which is a nice change from the many Foodstagrams that only post breakfast foods and desserts. 


Need easy, healthy ideas for all three meals of the day? The food here is never complicated, but always looks so scrumptious. Jessica always has some new ideas such as putting cauliflower on a pita for a quick pizza or combining egg and hummus on your breakfast toast. Her meals are always super balanced, and her treat ideas are also fire.


Nicole's instagram always features a lot of variety of simple, easy-to-make foods. Toast, oatmeal, and fun sandwiches are just a few things you'll see. Each is a fun topping idea that won't steer you in the wrong direction. 

Deciding on what to eat has never been this easy. All of these Instagrammers frequently post great ideas for every meal of the day and every diet. You just need to pick a couple to follow, head to the grocery store, and get cooking.