One of my favorite Instagram genres is the #foodporn category because of its mouthwatering photos and over the top punny food captions. Instagram food accounts are not only the ultimate eye candy but also the perfect place to find inspiration for meal prep ideas, planning your night out with bae, or your next Instagram photo backdrop.

With everyone having access to a camera on their phone, anyone can easily photograph their meal and post it online. Plus, there are bigger accounts like Tasty by Buzzfeed and 5-Minute Crafts that dominate your Explore page.

To help you weed through the fray and find the accounts you really want to see, I've complied a list of ten lesser-known Instagram food accounts that your feed has really been missing out on. 

1. For When You're Near Campus: @freshmen15

Freshmen15 posts daily photos of drool-worthy foods from all over the world with a main focus on college campuses. Their main spots are NYC, Florida, and Atlanta, but they also rely on the photography of students around campuses to tag them and be featured on their account.

With a specialty in savory dishes such as creamy pastas, gooey chocolate chip cookies, and the cheesiest pizzas, Freshman15 has you covered if you want to grab a bite to eat while visiting a friend in college. As their bio says, "We gain weight for a reason."

2. For When You're In New York: @thelifoodi

The Long Island Foodie account is a collection of mouthwatering foods and the occasional drink that are all photographed (and enjoyed) by the owner, Amanda. From baked ziti on pizza to birthday cake scones and juicy steaks, her daily recommendations are always a must for your next trip to New York. 

3. For When You Want the Best of Both Worlds: @pupsinfood

Love Instagram famous pups? Love beautiful food? This is the account for you! They edit together pictures of gorgeous meals with adorable dogs of all shapes and sizes to create masterpieces that your feed totally needs. Some aren't always as obvious as the cauliflower Bichon Frise in the photo above, so it's an adventure to spot the pup yourself...or you could just swipe right.

Can you find the pup in the photo below?

4. For When You Want That Aesthetic: @dennistheprescott

All handcrafted and homemade, Dennis' posts look so good that they look like works of art. He's even written his own cookbook that includes the recipes from the photos he's taken. Exquisite flavors and quality ingredients are the driving factors behind his amazing photos. Be prepared for colorful and delicious looking flat-lays that will not only appeal to your aesthetic but also your tastebuds. 

5. For When You're In Miami: @thenaughtyfork

From savory meals of burgers and cheesy pasta to sushi and even sushi donuts and sushi pizza, creator Sam Schnur lives by her bio that claims "I'll start my diet tomorrow." If you're ever traveling south to Miami, Sam has got you covered on places to eat your favorite comfort foods with a twist - Example A: Mac n Cheese Burgers.

6. For When You're Traveling the World: @gilliehouston 

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Gillie has an "appetite for adventure" as she travels the world and photographs her meals as she goes. From simple meals at home in the city to a whole fish in Colombia or lobster in Maine, she's got the recommendations to make sure you enjoy your trip and the food there too.

7. For When You're Looking For Good NY Pizza: @thehungrygames__

"When you're from New York, pizza is its own food group," proclaims this account - now that's someone I can definitely follow. Besides the gorgeous pizzas and other snacks/treats, each post comes with its own hilarious caption with references to pop culture or puns (which is fitting considering their handle is a play on the title of Suzanne Collins' famous series). 

8. For When You Just Love Carbs: @hungryhungry

Account owner, Paige Faustini, satisfies all your carb cravings with a plethora of photos featuring pasta, bagels, pizza, cakes, donuts, and more. She even has a blog where you can read more in depth about the different places she's tried in case you're in the area and want to know more about them. 

9. For When You Want Something Different: @sendfoodz

Timothy DeLaGhetto has no problem trying new things, and he might even get you out of your comfort zone too. He posts not only the traditional #foodporn foods like burgers and fries but also food from all over the world (i.e. a sundae in a hot dog bun, braised pork belly, or even double fried chicken burritos topped with ramen). 

10. For When You're Craving Dessert: @foodthoven

Just as Ludwig van Beethoven brought musical notes together to create a masterpiece symphony, Ludwig van Foodthoven selects #foodporn photos from different categories to create a mouth-watering account. Instead of following multiple food accounts, hit up @foodthoven for unlimited photos of cupcakes, churros, cookies, ice cream and more all in one place. 


So whether you need food inspiration for tomorrow's dinner or next week's trip, these Instagram food accounts will ensure that your feed is always satisfying your cravings, even if you can't grab a fresh New York slice.

And obviously before you go, you should be following @spoonuniversity for quick and easy recipes and @spoon_uf for local, good-looking Gainesville food - happy scrolling!