Movies are the perfect time to pig-out and eat, but traditional movie-time snacks tend to be super fattening or really high in sugar. But just because over-buttered popcorn and candy seem to be theater go-tos, doesn't mean they have to be your go-tos! 

Here are my 10 favorite healthy snack options to eat during a movie. 

1. Pop-corners chips or non-buttered popcorn:

Popcorners chips are my favorite. They are light, crunchy and the perfect alternative to buttery, salty fingers that movie theater popcorn gives you. The best part? They come in so many flavors, you'll never get bored! 

2. Fruit Salad:

Fruit is a nice, sweet alternative to candy. Fruit does have sugar, but unlike candy, natural sugar is easier to break down in the body (in other words, it's better for you). Fruit salad is diverse and perfect for indecisive people. You can even freeze fruit for a great  and tasty icy alternative.

3. Yogurt:

Instead of fattening, thick ice cream, the perfect alternative is yogurt. Yogurt (frozen or not) is lighter, contains health beneficial active cultures and still gives you that cold and creamy sensation you ever crave from ice cream. 

4. Cereal:

Cereal such as Kashi, flavored Cheerios and Ancient Grains are both filling and have a full serving of whole grain. This is a good satisfying snack for crunchy and sweet cravings! You can even make your own trail mix with your choice of cereal or granola. 

5. Veggies and Dip:

Put the chips away and enjoy this delicious, veggie alternative. This is one of my favorite substitutes. Cut up some carrots and celery, add some fat-free dip and enjoy all that crunch without all that bad stuff. 

6. Cheese: 

My favorite form of protein — cheese. This creamy surprise is perfect with some crackers. Cheese is a great source of protein and calcium, and even help fills you up. 

7.  Soup:

Whether you're sick or not, heating up a container of soup to accompany your movie is a great alternative for someone who's looking for something savory and filling. Chicken noodle, lentil, and vegetable soup are some popular options that will make your movie-watching experience more enjoyable.

8. Mixed Nuts: 

8. Trail Mix:

Adding unsalted nuts to anything is my favorite way to get some raw protein. The best thing about nuts is that you can even add them to your own trail mix! Check out 10 ingredients that will take your homemade trail mix to the next level

9. Homemade Oatmeal Cookies:

Having an oat-filled snack is perfect as oats are incredibly healthy! Rich in magnesium, oats can help prevent heart attacks and even strokes. Plus, they taste great in healthy oatmeal cookies. Adding honey or walnuts gives the fabulous treat an extra sweet-filled crunch. 

10. Jello:

Having this spongy, jiggly snack is the perfect throwback to grade school. And I bet you never would have guessed the main ingrident of Jello, gelatin, is actually cause for clear skin and can help build strong bones (among other health benefits). Plus, Jello comes in a variety of flavors and is simply, just fun to eat. 

*Disclaimer* — Do not have all of these snacks in one sitting. (Maybe save it for binge watching a Netflix series).