Vacation season has arrived, and that means treat yo self, amiright? Definitely. However, six straight days of eating nothing but restaurant food can be quite the daunting task for anyone who refuses to let all of their hard work on their beach body go to waste.

These next few tips will give you some simple ways to stay on track and enjoy a guilt free vacation.

Instead of a cheeseburger, try a veggie burger


Photo by Karen Tran

If this doesn’t look better than the real deal, wait until you taste it. Alternatives like black beans and chickpeas still have plenty of protein to fill you up and are A LOT more nutritious than red meat.

Instead of wings, try a buffalo chicken salad


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A great way to avoid extra calories is by picking a salad opposed to a wrap or sandwich. Most places won’t mind altering their menu a little bit to make the switch, and even the simple choice of grilled instead of fried chicken makes a difference in the end. Don’t worry, you still get all the great flavor with at least half the calories.

Instead of cheese pizza, try thin crust with veggies 


Photo by Laura Silver

Passing up pizza might be one of the hardest things imaginable, but this way you don’t have to. If there is gluten-free crust available, go for it. You might be surprised on great it tastes. Choosing your toppings wisely, like adding chicken or shrimp, instead of beef, will keep the dish on the healthier side. Remember, when it comes to items like this, portion size is key. Sharing with a friend is an easy way to maintain self-control.

Instead of a frozen daiquiri, try a vodka club soda or rum and Diet Coke


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Both efficient, and delicious, these two choices keep your options open. As long as you stick with diet sodas for mixers and stay away from unneeded sugar, you’re on track to finally feeling good about your drinking decisions. Maybe.

Instead of Alfredo, try noodles in olive oil


Photo by Judy Holtz

You’ll save on calories and ditch the bloating. The only thing you have to keep in mind on this one is the fact that a true serving of pasta is not the same serving size delivered at the restaurant. You should have about 1/2 cup of cooked noodles.

Instead of enchiladas, order chicken tacos


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Topped with yummy veggies and only a sprinkle of cheese, these are so much less fattening, and will fill you up just the same. Always go with brown rice if possible because it’s whole grain, and much more nutritious.

Instead of fries, get a baked sweet potato


Photo by Rachel Conners

Sweet potatoes are a healthier carb full of nutrients and fiber to change up your palette for the evening. They are especially helpful in aiding in digestion, and these taste so great by themselves, you don’t have to add the extra butter and cheese to make it unhealthy. Sprinkle a little cinnamon or sea salt on top and you’ll be golden.

Instead of queso, sub salsa


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Reducing the fat and fullness factor, salsa is a much lighter and healthier alternative to an otherwise meal ruining appetizer. When everyone else at the table decides to torture you by ordering four different appetizers, it’s tough to just have one bite. If you’re like me and can’t stop once you start, either force yourself to refrain totally until your meal arrives, or go with salsa. It’s low cal AND it keeps you from reaching for the cheese sticks.

Instead of a red meat, try grilled chicken breast


Photo by Mackenzie Barth

Chicken is one of the best proteins for you, and it’s always at the top of the list when it comes to selecting healthy meals. Even if it’s not listed on the menu, most restaurants will have no problem preparing a plain chicken breast for you if you ask.

Instead of a brownie sundae… SAY SCREW IT AND HAVE A DARN BROWNIE SUNDAE


Photo courtesy of Flickr user goodiesfirst

It’s vacation people! (This is the treat yo self part)