Hawai’i is known for its beautiful beaches and unique island culture, but also as a hotbed of incredible food. There are a lot of eats you can’t find anywhere but in this melting pot of the Pacific; the one-of-a-kind location provides special ingredients and the islands’ unique history has made Hawai’i home to a variety of cultures and cuisines that have evolved into an exciting mixture of island flavors. And Hawai’i Instagram accounts prove it every day.

The islands’ impressive food culture can be difficult to portray through a lens, when you can’t smell, touch or taste what you’re looking at. But these 10 Instagrams are more than up for the challenge. They know how to translate flavor into pure aesthetic pleasure.

1. @wowwowlemonade

Stranded🌴 @larissatash 📷

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This Instagram, the home of handcrafted Hawaiian lemonade stands, is filled with beautiful snaps of the company’s “aloha”-clad lemonade as well as local favorites like açaí bowls on the beach.

2. @hawaiisbestkitchens

This account offers an exceptionally close look into Hawai’i’s diverse restaurant scene. Immersed in a melting pot of Asian and Western influences, Hawaiian kitchens have a special charm, and it’s a marvelous thing to behold.

3. @bananbowls

Eat your greens! 🍃🌱

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Beautifully lighted, perfectly placed healthy snacks are the center of Banan Bowls’ Instagram. Trust me, you’ll feel healthier just scrolling through their grams.

4. @eatthestreet

This is the official Instagram of the monthly food explosion that is Eat the Street. You won’t be able to get through their feed without drooling on yourself.

5. @viagelatohawaii

This Instagram account is all about gelato—the specialty of one of Honolulu’s most popular dessert spots.

6. @spoon_hawaii

Perfect Saturday combo 👌🏼 📷: @chy.t #spoonhawaii #spoonfeed #waffles

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Okay, shameless plug, but the University of Hawai’i Manoa’s Spoon chapter is AMAZING at showcasing all the local eateries available around O’ahu! It’s the most diverse Instagram on this list considering we regram delicious snaps every day.

7. @haleiwabowls

We dig it #anddigin #haleiwabowls

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Hawai’i’s best açaí bowls are back, and beautiful as ever. With beach and wave photos scattered among açai bowl portraits, there’s little else to be desired from this account. Oh, did I mention their North Shore location has one of the best photo ops on the island (with a winged mural)? It does.

8. @pigandthelady

Located in Honolulu’s Chinatown, this Vietnamese-fusion place is a must-go whenever I come home. Following their Instagram makes the long months away at school all the more bearable.

9. @thesugarhut

Love macaroons and other sweets? This Instagram was made for you.

10. @countryshaveice

There are TONS of shave ice stores in Hawai’i, but Country Shave Ice’s Instagram is one of the purest out there—it’s all about showcasing the real life beauty of their high-quality shave ice (made with organic fruit). Yum.