Shopping can be a drag especially if you are not sure what to buy. One of my weaknesses is coming up with the gift ideas. I can't seem to find the right gift for my friends, either they have everything, or they would not use anything I think is cool. The struggle to pick the perfect gift is real, guys. But what was helpful for me is making wish lists. I can always add fun items to my list when I am browsing and it makes the buying process so much easier too. If you also struggle to find the perfect gift for your friends and family members, you might enjoy this list of nifty kitchen items everyone needs to run a successful kitchen. Add these 10 cool gadgets to your Amazon wish list with confidence.

1. Hand Blender

Blenders, mixers, and food processors get all the hype, while hand (immersion) blenders are drastically underrated. They're incredibly convenient and can make the cooking process quicker, easier and a lot more enjoyable. Hand blenders also cut down on the clean-up time in a big way and who doesn't love that? Instead of transferring what you're making into another container for blending, chopping or mixing purposes, use this stick-like shape gadget that can fit into most containers, meaning no extra dishes to do afterward. The blender pictured above is about $30 on Amazon and has great reviews. 

2. Bread Machine

Making bread sounds intimidating but when you have a bread machine, it's a piece of cake. Much like a CrockPot, you set the machine to a certain setting and leave it to do its bread magic. Fresh bread can become your daily obsession with this gadget. Above is the picture of Aicok bread machine, which won't cost you more than $70 on Amazon. 

3. Mandoline

This is a slicer and grater, two-in-one, is perfect for when you want perfectly sliced thin onions or tomatoes. Get rid of some of the extra clutter in your kitchen with the simple mandoline. You can achieve perfect culinary cuts with every push of your hand and it can be purchased on Amazon for around $13

4. Angry MaMa 

Fill up the Angry Mama with vinegar and water and watch her do the miracle in your microwave. This makes the cleaning a breeze. No more crusty and sticky residue will be left after she works her magic. Purchase her on Amazon for $13

5. Bench Scraper

This is the best multi-purpose tool I have in my own kitchen. Whether it's used to scrape the counter clean, get smooth edges on a cake, or chopping food fine this is the tool you will find most helpful. It can be yours too for just $8 on Amazon

6. Electric Can Opener

Can openers can be such a hassle. Am I right? Take the struggle out of opening canned vegetables and soups with an automatic can opener. You can own this handy electric can opener for under $30 from Amazon

7. Jar Opener

We've all been there. Trying to open a jar of pickes can be such a struggle.  Give your hands a break with this tool that will get your favorite sauce, jam, or pickle jars opened without you having to break a sweat. This gadget is only $6 on Amazon and is well worth the money. 

8. Finger Guard

Keep your fingers safe from the razor-sharp edges on a knife. Your knife will glide smoothly and quickly against the guard surface allowing you to quickly prepare your favorite foods like a pro and for just $11 you can get a 2 pack from Amazon

9. Batter Dispenser

No cooking is messy with this gadget. Dispensing equally perfect-sized cupcakes and pancakes are made easy with this item. Using it you are guaranteed to use the perfect amount of batter each time you portion it. It's available on Amazon for $20, and this item will be put to a good use in your kitchen when the baking needs arise.  

10. Bag Resealer

Tired of folding or clipping bags closed so your chips don't go stale all time? This cool gadget can reseal the bag, to keep freshness in and for just  $14 you can get 2 of these from Amazon

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Anna Arteaga

Whip out your wallet to buy these 10 gadgets to run a successful kitchen at home. Trust me, you won't be disappointed once these items arrive and put these gadgets into work. These items will make the cooking and cleaning activities a breeze, rather than an obligation.