Food accounts don’t always need to feature aesthetically-pleasing gluten-free cupcakes in order to get popular on social media, nor do they need a long chain of hashtags about Maine lobster rolls and morning mimosas. There are a lot of quirky, gag ones too.

These funny food accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and YouTube get by with their creative concepts and hilarious posts. Some of them also present a strong food aesthetic as well, without even being basic.

1. Bread Face Blog

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Photo courtesy of @breadfaceblog on Instagram

The woman behind Bread Face Blog is proudly “giving the people something they didn’t ask for” with videos of her doing exactly what you’d expect: smushing her face into various kinds of bread with surprisingly fitting background music. Oprah should probably get in touch with her to form a bread lovers club.

2. Chef Jacques La Merde

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Photo courtesy of @chefjacqueslamerde on Instagram

On Instagram, Christine Flynn, the Executive Chef at iQ Food Co. in Toronto, makes fun of chef bros and anyone who takes themselves too seriously. She channels her inner bro with her online persona Chef Jacques La Merde. Each post features an intricately plated dish using junk foods and an all caps caption in bro-esque language. You can follow “Instagram’s bro-iest chef” on Twitter too: @chefjacqueslamerde.

3. Dimly Lit Meals for One

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Photo courtesy of Dimly Lit Meals for One on

On this sad yet funny Tumblr, Tom Kennedy posts photos that depict “heartbreaking tales of sad food and even sadder lives.” Poor lighting, grainy quality, and stories of loneliness reveal another side to food photography beyond colorful bagels in natural light. There’s even a book available featuring “never-before-seen photographs of humanity at its lowest culinary ebb.”

4. Drake on Cake

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Photo courtesy of @drakeoncake on Instagram

Do you ever think your food needs some inspiration from everybody’s favorite nice guy Canadian rapper? I know I do. Well, @drakeoncake has got you and I covered. Each post features a cake with different Drake lyrics beautifully decorated by @joythebaker.

5. Food On My Dog

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Photo courtesy of Andrew J. Small on

It’s the best of both worlds: a cute dog and good food. Andrew J. Small of Food On My Dog posts photos of his adorable dog Tiger with food stacked on top of her face. Tiger is a Staffordshire Terrier and American Bulldog who almost always gets to eat the food in the picture, if safe.

6. My Kid Can’t Eat This

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Photo courtesy of @mykidcanteatthis on Instagram

Kids can be picky eaters and this Instagram is well-aware of that. This account reposts photos with explanations of why users’ kids refused to eat the food in the photo. Sometimes they’re cute, sometimes they’re funny, and sometimes they’ll make you go: “wait, what…?”

7. Showry

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Photo courtesy of

Through shock-comedy and uncomfortably sexual videos, Korean comedienne Showry parodies the trend muk-bang in which attractive young women binge-eat on camera. Her videos include her seductively spitting out ketchup, making out with a fish, or dousing herself in cola. Ooh, so sexy. Although most of her food videos are on Facebook, you can also subscribe to her YouTube channel for more.

8. Someone Ate This

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Photo courtesy of

According to its Tumblr bio, Someone Ate This is “a food blog that celebrates the hilarity of cooking mishaps, bad food photography, and the grossest things people shove down their throats.” It definitely delivers on all three.

9. Stephanie Sarley

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Photo courtesy of @stephanie_sarley on Instagram

Although not solely dedicated to food, Stephanie Sarley’s feminist Instagram features videos of her fingering fruit in the most sexual way possible. Her fingering videos have become so popular that she’s even considered creating a separate account to repost her fans’ tributes. 

10. Talking Food

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Photo courtesy of @talkingfood on Instagram

If you’re a lover of puns and wordplay like me, you’ll most definitely appreciate this food account. In addition to an Instagram, Talking Food also has a Tumblr page and a Twitter account.