I understand the struggle of dating, especially when figuring out a great and fun place to go to. My love for food has led me to discover these ten places that can satisfy your hunger and your date. These date ideas in NYC are diverse, whether it be learning to make cupcakes or trying redefined bowling food. These are places to go to when your date and yourself have an equal love for food. 

1. Chelsea Market 

To some, Chelsea Market may seem like too much of a tourist destination but just think about the history and of course the food that lies within. There are more than thirty-five vendors and already one of the greatest indoor food halls in the world. Chelsea Market is a short walk from the Hudson River and stretches a block long and a block wide. What used to be the National Biscuit Company is now a great and entertaining place you can go with your special someone. 

2. Smorgasburg

Smorgasburg is a large weekly open-air food market located in Brooklyn. On Saturdays it is hosted on the Williamsburg waterfront and on Sundays it is hosted in Prospect Park. Both of these locations are beautiful and attract 20,000 to 30,000 people each weekend. There are so many iconic foods to try that the options are endless and of course fun. With more than 100 vendors, safe to say your date won't see you hangry. 

3. Eataly

For all the Italian loving couples out there, Eataly is the place to BE. Oscar Farinetti, the creator of Eataly, wanted to design a place with high-quality and sustainable products that celebrate Italian heritage for others to shop, eat and learn. He, of course, named Eataly from two words that are close to his heart, Eat Italian.

Eataly has various locations but the one in NYC is near the Flatiron building. There are many events and activities going on in Eataly that it's easily a fun and creative destination to go to. Take a cheap vacation and bring your date to Eataly where it's easy to forget that you're really in NYC.

#SpoonTip: Don't forget to indulge your sweet tooth by stopping by the Nutella corner and grabbing a Nutella filled crepe.

4. Bowlmor & Food

Test out your date's competitive side and try bowling! Bowlmor has made it onto the list from the way they have redefined traditional bowling food and made it noteworthy. They have insanely big burgers and even a pizza cake! There are loads to choose from in the menu so be prepared to work up your appetite for these over the top foods.

5. Picnic in Central Park

Picnics are a classic romantic move but having a picnic in one of the most visited and beautiful places in the world? Definitely a must. Planning a picnic can be a fun and an easy way to enjoy the fresh air and a freshly packed lunch with your boo. Whether it be making your own food or buying from your local New York Style Deli, it's a timeless date that is never overplayed. 

6. Cupcake Class

Learn how to make cupcakes in this cupcake class at Butterlane! Butterlane is this cute cupcake shop in the East Village where I took a class here with my date and we loved it. The class is small making it a much easier learning environment. After we made the cupcakes, we got to take our cupcakes home and toast to our achievements.. cupcakes in hand.

7. Food Tour 

Learn about the fascinating foods that NYC has to offer and take an official food tour. These tours are so much fun and offer an in-depth look at various foods that come from different ethnicities and areas. There are pizza tours, Chinatown tours, little Italy tours and the list goes on. Taking a food tour opens yourself and your significant other to new food adventures that await.

8. Nitehawk Cinema 

Having dinner and going to the movie theatre may seem like a played out date but having dinner while watching a movie at the movie theatre may be a game changer.  The Nitehawk Cinema has an extensive menu ranging from cocktails and food that is paired with the movie that is being played. 

You can order the food and beverage right at your seat by writing down your order on a paper and pencil provided. The staff then comes around and collects them. An example of their paired food is when the cinema played Get Out, and the sandwich on the menu was called The Sunken Place. 

9. Union Square Farmer's Market

Farmers Markets are the perfect place to bond over your naturally sourced and organic produce while shopping local with your special someone. Union Square is a beautiful park that is filled with vendors every Saturday during the summer. Walking through the farmers market that is filled with vegetables, fruits, fresh honey, and even different kinds of cheeses, opens your culinary palette to try something new. Afterward, you can take all the products and make a great home cooked meal for your date.

10. Museum of Food and Drink 

Mofad is your new museum spot to check out! Food has a rich and intense history and deserves to be showcased and learned about. This museum embraces ethnicities and heritage that needs appreciation from you and your boo too. Currently, Mofad is in a 5,000-square-foot experimental space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn where Chow: Making the Chinese American Restaurant is being displayed. Their main goal is inspiring others to look at food more than just something we need to survive, but what makes us human. 

Have fun on these food-inspired dates that are sure to make you and your date satisfied. Hopefully, these ideas will make it easier next time you have no idea where to bring your date but you know you'll want food later.