Just when you think Colgate can't get any better, you realize that we have a 24-hour dining hall. At some point, all freshmen and sophomores living up the hill will reap the benefits of what is arguably Frank's most enticing feature.

Sometimes, you're too lazy or too broke to go to Slices. And when that happens, you turn to frunking. What is frunking exactly? Well, if you ever find yourself at Frank at 2 am after a long night of "dancing" at the Jug you have officially frunked.

Frunking refers to going to Frank dining hall post-dance party and eating all you can until your cravings are satisfied. If you have frunked or will frunk in the future, you will likely have all or most of the thoughts afterward. 

Why did I eat so much? 

I think we can agree that this is one of the first thoughts we all have after frunking. As you're walking back to your dorm you begin to search your mind for reasons to justify all that food you just stuffed your face with. 

I just walked up the hill, I DESERVE this.

Any and every Colgate student knows that the hill is a challenge at any part of the day. However, there is no question that is it hardest at 2 am when you have little motivation and energy.

As you feel the incline increase and your calves and thighs burning you realize that this is totally a workout. Once you make it to Frank and you are still panting from the walk there is no question that you earned that meal—or feast. 

Thank God I don't have to walk up the hill after this.

A huge perk of living up the hill is the walk home from Frank is practically flat. With a full stomach even the little incline to get to Andrews is a struggle. It is only appropriate to have a mini celebration over this victory and being so close to making it to your bed. 

Do you think people noticed my third plate of fries? 

Sometimes you don't even realize how much you just ate until you look around at the rest of the table and everyone has one plate. Looking down you realize you have three and don't know how you are going to put all of them away. Whether people noticed or not, just know that you are two plates of fries happier than them in that moment. 

Pizza isn't THAT bad for you. 

Tomatoes, basil, and cheese...That's pretty healthy if you ask me. You only reached for that third slice of pizza because it was better than another plate of curly fries. You were probably also a little bit depressed that you couldn't go to Slices that night, so you have to satisfy your pizza craving in some way. 

Was Ed's specialty burger really worth it?

Yes. The answer is Ed's specialty burger is always worth it. His bacon egg and cheese burger is not only delicious but it will also fulfill pretty much all your cravings at once. Next time you have this thought know that you have to appreciate this luxury before you live down the hill. 

It wasn't my fault there was no salad.

For those of you familiar with late nights in frank you know that the salad bar is empty after a certain time in the night. As upsetting as it is, there is nothing we frunkers can do about it. Thank you frank for making the tough decision between a salad or a large plate of curly fries a little bit easier. 

I am going to throw up.

It is almost impossible not to over eat when you are frunking. You probably haven't eaten since dinner time and this second dinner is a necessity at this point. The beauty of the free food surrounding you is never having to chose between one or five bowls of cinnamon toast crunch or between a grilled cheese and a burger. 

I am never ever EVER Frunking again. 

Keep telling yourself you can resist the "Frank anyone" question but it's unrealistic. For one, it is the ultimate example of peer pressure. If all your friends are frunking there is no way they are going to let you get out of doing the same.

Second, if you are someone who has a bad case of FOMO you will not allow yourself to miss out on any activity with your friends. Keep calm and frunk on. 

...I'm still hungry

Finally you've made it back to your dorm post-frunk, and yet you still have cravings. That thing you said about being incredibly full has suddenly been forgotten. It's no secret that we all gravitate towards our food drawer once back home. Unfortunately frunking doesn't always keep us from making that bag of popcorn or reaching for the bag of chips.