As someone who has gone years having a smoothie nearly every morning, I can tell you that sometimes you gotta spice it up a little bit. Don't get me wrong, I love a classic and simple fruit smoothie, but some days I need a little more fat, carbs, or flavor. These 10 surprising foods you should add to your next smoothie will put an extra boost into your morning fuel!

Beet Powder

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Beet powder is a great antioxidant that will add an amazing color to your smoothie without making it taste like vegetables. Beets actually have a lot of natural sugar, so the powder itself is even a little sweet. If you're looking for an instagram-worthy smoothie, add some beet powder.


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Jocelyn Hsu

Oats turn your smoothie from a snack into a meal. The oats will easily break down in your blender if you leave it on high power for a minute or so. If you like thick smoothies or smoothie bowls, adding oats will help thicken it up, and help keep you full.

Nut Butter

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Maggie Gorman

Nut butter is something I always add to my smoothies. It adds and amazing creaminess and nutty flavor. The high fat content also helps make a more sustainable smoothie; you won't be left hungry afterwards. I love adding nut butter to my berry smoothies to make a PB&J flavor profile.


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Green juices may not be for everyone, but adding a handful of spinach to your morning smoothie can be super beneficial, especially if you don't get a ton of veggies later throughout the day. I recommend adding spinach rather than kale or arugula. Spinach has the least strong flavor out of any greens, so it won't even taste like you're eating veggies!

Canned Coconut Milk

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If you want to turn your smoothie into a rich, creamy concoction, add canned coconut milk. You don't need much of this to elevate your smoothie: even 1/4 cup will do. The fat from the coconut helps add a smooth and rich flavor that will take your smoothie to the next level. 

Pumpkin or Sweet Potato

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Adding a little pumpkin or sweet potato puree to any smoothie will not only make it more substantial, but it also adds a little sweetness and creaminess. This is a great thing to add in place of a banana, or if you just want to make a smoothie that tastes like fall. 

Silken Tofu

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Soft silken tofu is a great way to add extra protein and creaminess to your smoothie, especially if you don't consume dairy products. Silken tofu blends up really well, and it pairs with just about any flavor.


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Need your breakfast and morning kick all in one cup? Replace the milk or juice in your smoothie with coffee! You can easily make your own, healthier version of a frappucino, and for a lot less money!

Vanilla Extract or Beans


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While vanilla extract and vanilla beans are usually left to baked goods, they can add tons of flavor and a little sweetness to smoothies too. I love adding vanilla and cinnamon to my banana smoothies for a little extra warmth.


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Shreya Sahni

Turmeric not only adds a super bright color to your smoothie, but it also has some great health benefits! Turmeric has a fairly distinct flavor that can be used in sweet or savory dishes. Taking inspiration from the trendy golden milk lattes, I like to pair this spice with coconut milk and bananas.