A trip to see the newest movie isn’t really complete unless you’re already halfway through your popcorn and large soda before the trailers have ended. But buying said popcorn is an arm and a leg. Add candy or the other hot foods that are sold, and you’ve probably spent the equivalent of college tuition… (well, maybe just a textbook. Or five.) Hence, why don’t we just skip all the fuss and bring our favorite snacks along with us?

1. Microwave popcorn from your dorm room

Movie theater

Photo by Meredith Marcus

You already stock up on snacks for the room, so why not grab that bag of Pop Secret before you leave? That’s less time in line for concessions, and more time to scout out the perfect seat once you’re inside the theater. If you have extra time, spice it up and make it caramel popcorn instead.

2. A footlong from Subway

Movie theater

Photo courtesy of @subway on Instagram

With three locations on campus, it’s nothing but a hop, skip, and a jump to pick up your sandwich. So yes, I’ll take a turkey sub on Italian bread, provolone cheese, turkey, extra mayo and cucumbers please. Too cheap for even a $5 footlong? Make one instead.

3. Leftover burger and fries from your favorite fast food chain

Movie theater

Photo courtesy of @burgerking on Instagram

If you just had a burger run with your friends, that’s no reason to try and scarf it all down before going to see the newest Pixar movie – for the fifth time in a row. Bring it along, the more food the better.

4. A salad (for the health conscious)

Movie theater

Photo courtesy of thegirlwhoateeverything.com

Who says those leafy greens and crunchy carrots aren’t movie theater-worthy? Besides, the right toppings can rival the generic theater popcorn.

5. Smartfood White Cheddar popcorn

Movie theater

Photo courtesy of @lifesfunnyjourney on Instagram

Who doesn’t like cheese? This brand is superior to all others and cheese is life. Plus, it’s the fun and less expensive choice to the excessively salty and buttery kind you find at the concession stand.

6. 5 for $5 candy boxes

Movie theater

Photo courtesy of @rach_m1989 on Instagram

A trip to Walmart, or any grocery store, and you can easily find these theater goodies stacked high in the large bins in the front. That random dollar you found in your pocket on wash day? That just became your key to a box of sour Skittles.

7. A large pizza split between you and your close friends

Movie theater

Photo courtesy of @pizzahut on Instagram

Stuffed crust with a side of wings from Pizza Hut, anyone? Just make sure to bring lots of napkins for your saucy fingers. Or quickly rush to the bathroom for paper towels and try not to miss all the good scenes of the movie.

8. AriZona tea

Movie theater

Photo courtesy of @drinkarizona on Instagram

With so many flavors, how do you choose and still make it in time for the opening credits? Or do you?

9. A blizzard from Dairy Queen

Movie theater

Photo courtesy of Dairy Queen on Facebook

You flip it over and it’s no mess at all. It’s a frozen, soft serve, vanilla dream come true. If you had problems picking an AriZona tea, good luck narrowing down the Blizzard of your choice.

10. Half eaten burrito bowl and chips from Moe’s 

Movie theater

Photo courtesy of @moessouthwestgrill on Instagram

Sorry not sorry, Chipotle, but the superior movie companion is obvious. How do you pass up the opportunity for free chips?