We can’t thank TJ’s enough for thinking up cookie butter and bacon jam, but we can’t help but think that there are so many possibilities of things that could be jarred and spread on our toast/sandwiches/etc.

1. Sriracha

trader joe's

Photo courtesy of huffingtonpost.com

Sure, you could drizzle the spicy sauce on top of your toast, but we’re imaging something that you could spread over the entire piece without setting your mouth on fire. The millennial market waits patiently.

2. Girl Scout Cookies

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Photo by Annika Altura

We’re picturing Thin Mint toast, Samoa sandwiches, and Peanut Butter Patty paninis. Regular cookie butter just isn’t cutting it anymore.

3. Coffee

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Photo by Paige Rodgers

If you’re running late at frappuccino o’clock, save time in the mornings by spreading a sweet, caffeine-laced jam onto your toast (or donut, if you’re feeling the classic combo).

4. Mango

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Photo by Alex Weiner

Ditch the typical strawberry jam and give your toast a tropical makeover with mango jelly.

5. Cookie dough

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Photo by Hailey Maher

There’s already cookie butter, but it’s missing the feeling of delicious unfinishedness that eating unbaked dough has. Nothing screams yum like the nagging thought that you might get salmonella in an oh-so-worth-it way.

6. S’mores

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Photo by Hailey Maher

Nutella is practically begging for someone to come swirl it with marshmallow and graham crackers to get that summer campfire flavor without the work that goes into perfectly toasting the treat. TJ’s, do the work for us, please.

7. Oreo

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Photo by Megan Prendergast

Oreo’s have already been fried, crumbled, and used for cheesecake, cake pops, and milkshakes; why not made into a spread?

8. Pomegranate

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Photo by Dina Zaret

If you crave jam but don’t have the sweet tooth for it, pomegranate jelly could be the spread to give you the tang you need.

8. Pizza

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Photo by Emily Waples

The pizza bagel just got even easier. Skip the defrosting and layer your fresh bagel with some pizza spread for a mature way to enjoy the frozen favorite.

9. Mac ‘n Cheese

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Photo by Kirby Barth

Make the mac and cheese grilled cheese sandwich instant, please.

10. Cinnamon rolls

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Photo by Gabby Scelzo

Cinnamon toast is no match for cinnamon roll spread toast.