I moved to Greenwich, Connecticut when I was 11, just about to enter seventh grade. It wasn't until I moved to Scotland for my freshman year of college that I realized how much I missed the local scene and amenities. With several sections and neighborhoods, each with their own unique feel, I missed access to the array of health and comfort foods available.

Despite being a 45-minute train ride away from New York City, I still consider Greenwich as home to some of my favorite food spots. Here are the top 10 foods Greenwich kids miss when they're away at college.

1. Garden Catering Nuggets & Cones

While I don't eat meat anymore, Garden Catering chicken nuggets and potato cones (deep fried balls of mashed potato) smothered with their secret seasoning was a mainstay of middle and high school. I always get texts and snapchats of my high school friends making their semi-annual trips back to this Connecticut classic. 

2. Upper Crust Bagel Company Bagels

Upper Crust Bagel Company in Old Greenwich (my neighborhood!) has, in my opinion, the best bagels in the area. With so many varieties, it's impossible to get bored. They've recently introduced Insta-worthy rainbow bagels and also carry muffins and other baked goods. 

3. Méli Mélo Crêpes

Méli Mélo has sweet, savoury, and gluten-free crêpes. This makes it the perfect place to grab a snack or a filling meal. The menu also features sandwiches, soup, quiche, and homemade ice creams. 

4. Darlene's Ice Cream

Darlene's Heavenly Desires in Old Greenwich (2 for 4 eh?) has a variety of homemade ice creams and gelati, as well as a selection of chocolates and candy. Whenever my cousin and I are home, we make a trip or two to Darlene's. Recently, we jogged (sprinted?) a mile in a veritable monsoon to satisfy our ice cream craving. 

5. Corbo's Corner Deli Sandwiches

Corbo's Corner Deli serves specialty sandwiches and wraps that are popular with middle and high schoolers, as well as adults. When my classmates and I first got our licenses, many trips to this local deli were made between class or during lunch periods. My brother, now a freshman Varsity athlete at the high school, bikes across town to satisfy his Corbo's cravings. 

6. Glory Days Breakfast 

Glory Days is located on one of Greenwich's main roads, so it makes for a quick but delicious breakfast. As a sweet fiend, I'm a fan of their waffles and pancakes, but their other breakfast dishes include savory egg fry-ups, breakfast meats, and wraps. 

7. Green & Tonic Smoothies

I might be biased here, but Green & Tonic's plant-based smoothies sing their siren's song every time I come home. College dining is never ideal, so the opportunity to detox with clean, plant-based foods at home is always welcome. G & T also carries vegan wraps, salads, and smoothie bowls. 

8. Rinaldi's Sandwiches

Like Corbo's, Rinaldi's has a variety of specialty sandwiches that are quick and delicious. Some examples include The Cardinal (named after my high school's mascot) and The Beast. My brother and sister, both in high school, are frequent customers. 

9. Thai Basil Curries

During senior year, my friend Alexandra and I would frequent Thai Basil for their flavorful and substantially portioned curry bowls and bento boxes. It is still one of our favorite places to visit when we're home. Try the Thai iced tea to wash down your spicy meal. 

10. Pizza Post Pizza

My Italian-American family has generally felt that Fairfield County lacked in the pizza department—until we tried Pizza Post. While it is certainly an Americanized version, their pies are crispy, chewy, and have the right amount of toppings.