Gluten is a general name for the proteins found in wheat, rye, barley, and triticale and is the culprit of the autoimmune disorder Celiac disease. When I tell people I’m gluten-free, I’m met with a look of pity and some remark about how good bagels taste. There are so many delicious gluten-free options out there to enjoy that I rarely crave bread. Check out how easy it is to avoid gluten with these ten amazing foods and drinks.

1. Oatmeal


Photo by Mollie White

Oatmeal is the best healthy, fast breakfast around, especially when soaked in delicious almond milk overnight. Oatmeal or oat-based foods are a great option for those avoiding gluten and almost provide the same satisfying feeling as eating toast in the morning.

2. Vodka


Photo by Kelly Logan

Vodka is a staple in any college kid’s diet and is thankfully GF, aka bring on the vodka sodas. There are some wheat-based vodkas, but any potato, grape, or corn vodka are free for your consumption, so drink up.

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3. Rice


Photo by Mollie White

This one comes as a surprise to most. Most GF products that try to mimic gluten (think gluten-free bread and pasta) are a rice derivative. Anything made from rice is fair game, so stock up on rice cakes and check out these 5 ways to upgrade the yummy snack food.

4. Pho


Photo courtesy of @noodlescompany on Instagram

Although this Vietnamese treat is made with noodles, they are often rice based. Make sure to double check with the restaurant, but usually Pho is a go.

5. French Fries


Photo by Angie Molina

Because fries are made from potatoes, they’re safe to eat. Just be sure they aren’t fried in a gluten-containing batter. Even better, munch on some fresh sweet potato fries.

6. Snickers


Photo by Hailey Maher

If you have a wicked sweet tooth, these GF treats will surely satisfy you. Check out these candies that pass the test as well.

7. Hard Cider


Photo courtesy of @anxocider from Instagram

Although beer is off limits, hard cider is not made with grains containing gluten. Gluten-free beers do exist, but hard cider is always a safe choice, especially when you’re out to eat.

8. Granola


Photo courtesy of @mv_healthyeats on Instagram

Granola is made from oats, so it’s naturally gluten-free, but make sure all the extras in the granola are also GF. Making your own granola is an easy and healthier alternative to buying the packaged kind. Either way, top your smoothies and cereals with as much as your heart desires.

9. Corn


Photo by Wallis Linker

This might be obvious to some, but non GF-ers might think that because corn is starchy it contains gluten. Lucky for us, corn is naturally gluten-free and definitely a go. This summer, whip up an easy Mexican corn salad and bring on the nachos.

10. Seeds


Photo by Justin Schuble

Chia seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, flax seeds; they’re all naturally gluten-free and delicious. Top off your yogurt and granola with these nutrient bursts.

#SpoonTip: Vegan and gluten-free but still need your protein? All legumes, vegetables, fruits, and (unprocessed) proteins are free for your enjoyment.