Call us basic, but there is nothing more satisfying than a trendy food insta. We are all guilty of scrolling through Instagram only to find ourselves mesmerized over a food picture. You’re not alone! We are here to help make your foodie dreams come true with these local Instagram accounts. If you’re not a total foodie already, we will convert in no time. Warning, what you are about to see will cause hunger.

Here are 10 Instagram accounts to feed your deepest, most gluttonous food cravings:

1. @spoon_fairfield & @spoonuniversity

I want to have a pizza this. Photo by @caroline3f #spoonfairfield #spoonfeed #foodporn

A photo posted by Spoon University Fairfield (@spoon_fairfield) on

Let’s start off with an Instagram page near and dear to our hearts. Finally replacing some girl and her friends in front of an American flag, we give you the best food porn Fairfield has to offer. Here at Spoon, we are coming at you strong with the most amazing food on and off campus. Don’t forget to tag #spoonfairfield for a feature on our official Instagram page!

2. @foodintheair

Do you like food? Do you like air? If you answered yes to either, hit this account with a follow. @foodintheair will have your mouth watering with all of their appetizing pictures. Not only is the food beautiful, but the backgrounds are even better. Featuring food from all around the globe, this account is a must follow for anyone seeking to live out their foodie dreams.

3. @cteatsout

Unfortunately not all of us are blessed with the desire to eat at Barone for every meal. Luckily, we found the perfect foodstagram with delicious local eats. CT Eats Out should be every Fairfield student’s go to page for off campus eats. You’ll definitely thank us later.

4. @food_ilysm

Good morning ? photo credit: @ashleydickes

A photo posted by #foodilysm (@food_ilysm) on

Can we just take a moment to appreciate that cheese action? You will be sure to find drool-worthy photos just like this once you follow these guys. Join their 76k followers and tag #foodilysm to fulfill your food obsession.

5. @foodporndaily1

No words for this mac & ??? #foodporndaily1 Creds: @obenj27

A photo posted by Food Porn (@foodporndaily1) on

You know what they say, food porn is the best porn. You’re lying to yourself if this mac and cheese doesn’t make you feel some type of way. Get ready for a lot of oozing cheese and an abundance of Nutella. What more could you want out of an Instagram?

6. @ctfoodlovers

Salted Caramel & Peanut Butter Froyo topped with Reese's. From Stew Leonard's in Norwalk, CT #ctfoodlovers

A photo posted by Connecticut Food Lovers (@ctfoodlovers) on

Calling all Connecticut food lovers, get ready for the best go-to account for eats around town! We know you will be looking forward to each post just like we do.

7. @new_fork_city

There’s a reason why this account has over 450k followers. Founded by 3 food-loving girls, this account brings a whole new name to foodstagrams. Submit you photos for a feature by tagging #newforkcity or email

8. @fairfieldcountymunchies

Let's taco bout it ??

A photo posted by Fairfield County Munchies (@fairfieldcountymunchies) on

A taco a day keeps the doctor away. @fairfieldcountymunchies definitely agrees with us on this one. Focusing on Fairfield County, this account is perfect for every Fairfield student to explore local restaurants and eateries.

9. @ctrestaurantweek

"A box full of ridiculous" from @donutcrazyct with locations in Shelton & Stratford. Regram from @ijaffery #yesplease #CTRW

A photo posted by CT Restaurant Week (@ctrestaurantweek) on

Ever wish that every week was restaurant week? Well, your prays have been answered (#blessed). This account never fails to deliver us pictures that guarantee instant hunger. The locations are tagged in each photo, so you can hit these places up.

10. @eatnowplaylater

Just (cookie) doughin mee? #eatnowplaylater

A photo posted by EATNOWPLAYLATER (@eatnowplaylater) on


Eat now, play later. What’s not to love about this motto. Anyone who sandwiches cookie dough between two brownies is a winner in our book. Tons of delicious foodstagrams await you. Follow away foodies!

Sorry in advance if we made you drool all over your phone. We swear it is out of love.