Stay in shape this holiday season by cutting back on some foods so you can indulge in others. These easy food swaps are super quick decisions that you can make every day. Your calorie, fat and carb intake will decrease while your vitamin intake will increase; your body and your taste buds will thank you! 

1. Halo Top ice cream instead of regular ice cream 

This little swap will not only save you calories but also Halo Top has on average more protein, less fat and less sugar- still with that perfect, creamy ice cream taste.

2. Carrots and ranch instead of fries or chips

Trust me, I know how tempting it is to run over to Macs Place and grab a side of fries or chips while you're studying. However, this easy swap will again save you calories as well as get you some vitamin A and B6 which is important for your eyesight when you're up late studying

3. Omelet bar instead of pre-made eggs in the cafeteria  

While this seems like the same thing, it's not. The eggs that are pre-made are powdered eggs. This means they have much more sodium. Cutting down on your sodium intake will make you feel less bloated when you're trying to fit into that holiday dress.

4. Water instead of soda

Everybody knows soda has more sugar, synthetic or real, than water. This causes weight gain, tooth decay and dehydration. By just swapping one soda drink for water you'll feel more hydrated and lower your sugar intake for the day.

5. Almond milk instead of 2% milk in your Starbucks latte

Make this switch--while accompanied by a 69 cent charge--and you'll be consuming fewer calories calories with the same amount of calcium and protein.

6. Cook as much as possible rather then Postmates 

While we love a quick and easy meal delivered to us, restaurant meals are full of hidden sodium. You may not notice it until the next day, when it leaves you bloated and irritable

7. Make your sandwiches open faced or lettuce wrapped

You'll save yourself on calories and carbs by skipping on a bun or only eating half of it. Chances are you'll still get full enough.

8. Use oils for salad dressings

Many people forget that processed dressings have a lot of hydrogenated fats. This switch to pure oils gives your body the healthy fats that your brain needs.

9. Pick a thin crust pizza

By choosing a thin crust pizza over a thicker crust, you'll save calories and carbs while still indulging in pizza.

10. Low sugar and low fat peanut butter and ketchup

Peanut butter usually has a lot of fat and even added sugar. If you go for the Skippy Natural low fat you'll cut out high-fructose corn syrup and a lot of fat without tasting a difference. For ketchup, make sure to look at the nutrition facts and skip ones that have high-fructose corn syrup.

Extra Extra Extra!

If you're looking to find more recipes check out this great article for yummy holiday smoothies; a great way to have a healthy holiday season!