With Mother’s Day right around the corner (May 8th), it’s time to give some thought to the lady who gave you life. After all, moms are great. They stuck with us through our helpless infant years and terrible two’s, and even made it through our angsty teen phase. Deciding to attend college and moving out may have been a leap out of the nest, but it doesn’t mean we’ve let our moms off the hook.

If you’re anything like me, she’ll still get phone calls at inconvenient times, pleas for care packages, requests to *not* pay for my own airfare, and demands for all of my favorite foods whenever I visit my parents’ house.

With all the trouble we’ve caused our moms, it’s only fair for us to recognize them on their special day. As foodies, the best way we show love is through food. That being said, here are 10 food-related ways to celebrate your mother on Mother’s Day.

1. Make Her Coffee

Mother's Day

Photo by Gabby Phi

Brew her the perfect cup of coffee to make up for all of those hours of sleep you cost her. Or, try your hand at cold brew (the process is painless, I swear). For long-distance folks, send her a bag of gourmet coffee beans (because no one’s mom should be drinking cheap coffee).

2. Serve Her Breakfast In Bed

Mother's Day

Photo by Sara Tane

Your current cooking skills are hopefully a step up from the rubbery scrambled eggs and burnt toast that she used to get for Mother’s Day. Try your hand at some fancy pancakes, Eggs Benedict, or French crepes.

3. Take Her Out to Brunch

Mother's Day

Photo by Heather Harris

Brunch isn’t just for millennials. Let yo momma in on the fun and take her out to the chicest brunch spot around. Be sure to make reservations!

 4. Hit Up Happy Hour Together

Mother's Day

Photo by Emma Delaney

We already know that Happy Hour is better than a night at the bar. Find a nice place with a talented bartender and take your mom out for cocktails.

5. Make Her Drinks

Mother's Day

Photo by Christin Urso

OR save some $$$ and try your hand at bartending yourself. Peruse the recipes on Spoon for ideas.

6. Cook Her Dinner

Mother's Day

Photo by Abigail Wang

Chances are, your mom taught you how to cook or was at least intimately involved in the process. Celebrate her achievement with a quick meal like this Tomato, Onion & Basil One-Pan Pasta, a steak dinner, or a gourmet, multi-course meal.

7. Go Out For Dinner

Mother's Day

Photo by Kirby Barth

If your cooking skills have not improved since you were 5, you should look elsewhere for a nice meal. Remember — reservations are everything!

8. Make Her a Fancy Dessert

Mother's Day

Photo by Tabitha Wibowo

Suggestions: dark chocolate macarons, something with champagne, truffles.

9. Bake Her a Cake

Mother's Day

Photo by Eileen Wang

Nothing says “I love you” like cake. Whether it’s a decadent molten chocolate cake, boozy White Russian cake, or gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free coffee cake, she’s sure to feel celebrated.

 10. Send Her Sweets

Mother's Day

Photo courtesy of bakedbymelissa.com

If you’re like me and moved far away from your hometown, making your mom breakfast in bed isn’t exactly an option. Regardless, there are still ways to make her feel loved and special on Mother’s Day! Flower deliveries and care packages are key. Call up the local florist or send her a gift like the Mother’s Day Gift Box from Baked by Melissa.