With Northeastern's campus sitting in the heart of Boston, students are surrounded with an endless number of dining options. The sheer amount of food available in this tiny city is impressive and so much of it is readily available for us Huskies! Newbury Street is a short walk into downtown, Chinatown and the Harbor are accessible by the T, and Cambridge is only a bus ride away! However, this doesn’t mean we’re going out. The broke college lifestyle affects us all and, most of the time, we just have to stay on campus, long lines or not. And if you're a Northeastern Husky, this list might just make you go: [sigh] That sounds about right!

1. Waiting more than half an hour for a Rebecca's sandwich

Is the twenty-pounds worth of textbooks and folders in my backpack weighing me down? Yes. Does my next class technically start in 10 minutes? For sure. Am I getting a Barbecue Chicken and Bacon sandwich if it’s the last thing I do? Absolutely.

2. Using up all of your dining dollars by midterms season.

I needed to try every restaurant in Curry at least twice to figure out which one I liked best. It was for science!

3. Smuggling as many cookies as possible in a napkin from the dining halls.

It’s not stealing! Look, I pay tuition, so I’ve already paid for all of these cookies. Don’t be a narc.

4. Forgetting to go to Outtakes on Saturday and wasting, like, four swipes.

There really is nothing worse than remembering last minute, grabbing your reusable bag as you head out your dorm, then getting there and trying to pull open that locked door.

5. Debating whether or not the midnight line at Amelia’s is worth it buuuut staying in it anyway. 

Somehow, it’s never enough time to figure out if I really want to spend $3 on one churro.

6. Being forced to go to Stetson East because IV and Stetson West are already closed.

Admit it, Steast is the worst one.

7. Going to Chicken Lou's for the first time and wondering why it took you so long to realize it exists.

It’s loud and confusing and, honestly, kind of frightening the first time, but boy does that Spicy Lou make it all worthwhile.

8. Wanting to try those food trucks parked outside of Speare but limiting your food purchases to dining dollars.

Will I ever try that chicken and rice? Maybe... Those waffles? Probably not.

9. Using your friend’s guest swipes because you lost your Husky Card.

CBord? Why would I download an app when my buddy has ten guest swipes for this semester? 

10. Sliding in just before 10am to beat that Rebecca’s breakfast rush.

Do I want home fries? Yes. Is that even a question? Absolutely not. 

Just like the major city we reside in, Northeastern’s food community has its own quirks and shared experiences. There are dozens of delicacies waiting for you to try all around campus, from Columbus to Hemenway. Plus, all that time waiting in line makes the mouthwatering food worthwhile! And, if not, hopefully it was at least enough time to think of a funny post to upload to the NU Meme Collective.