I’ve had long hair most of my life, so this means I’ve had to deal with the food disasters that come with these locks. Whether you have short hair and wanna hear our problems or you have long hair and can relate, here’s ten food problems for the peeps who have long hair.

1. Crumbs in your hair. Or bigger pieces of food. “Hey! There’s that chip I lost at lunch.”

25 Awkward Situations Every Person With Long Hair Knows Too Well

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2. And if it wasn’t crumbs, it was queso. Queso. In. The. Hair. Cheese-dyed tips, anyone?

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3. How about when you want to wear your hair down at a meal FOR ONCE and you bend over your bowl (with your hair pushed behind your shoulder) but your hair betrays you and falls right in your damn food. Smh.

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4. So after pushing your hair back fails, you put it in a pony tail. But your pony tail is still getting in your food, so then you put it in a bun.

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5. Oh, and that hair in your food? You could be worried that it’s someone else’s, but you know it’s probably yours because it never ends.

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6. When a bobby pin falls in your soup. *Rolls eyes.*

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7. Hair getting in your mouth. “Is that my hair? Well, I guess I’m just gonna eat it now.”

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8. When your hair gets caught in your fork. “I look like Ariel, right?” Bonus if you’ve gotten your hair caught in chopsticks.

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9. You’ve actually considered hair products such as this one to prevent the disaster that is hair in soup. It looks crazy, but it’s okay, boo. Be the long-haired queen you are.

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10. No money for food? Whoops. It’s because you spent it on shampoo and conditioner again. At least you look good.

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