In this day and age, keeping track of everything seems to be on everyone's mind. Whether it's taking pictures of everything you eat or keeping a log of everything you've ever purchased from Amazon, I believe we're all guilty of doing this.

Believe in or not, there were 9.5 million Fitbit users in 2013, alone!

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1. MyFitnessPal

Free, Available for iPhone and Android

This app is my personal all-time fave because it tracks both exercise and food intake simultaneously. With 5-million options in their food database, MyFitnessPal makes tracking calories, carbs, and any other nutrition facts a breeze. Not to mention, you can add your own foods and create your own workouts

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2. Runkeeper

Free, Available for iPhone and Android

Runkeeper is an awesome app if you like tracking your runs, however, this app offers a multitude of exercises aside from just running. As a user, you can use its personalized routines for busy schedules and set reminders to make sure you stick to it.

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3. Calorie King

Free, Available for iPhone and Android

This app is ideal for keeping track of all things food. Calorie King has over 70,000 foods and 260 fast-food restaurants in their system making it easy to find everything you may potentially consume. This app even has the option to log diary entries and has interactive tools to play around with, as well.

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4. Nike+ Training Club:

Free, Available for iPhone and Android

For beginners who care about their workouts, this app is just for you! Nike+ Training Club has options for beginners, intermediate, and advanced exercisers. Many routines are designed by well-known athletes like Serena Williams. Uniquely, Nike+ also allows you to set up an individual training plan. 

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No matter what your specific goals are, these apps are some of the best fitness and wellness apps available right now. In this article I only mention four, but there are a surplus of options on the iPhone and Android app stores, so check 'em out!