Two things vital to my survival are Friends and food. While Joey is my absolute favourite, I'm also really fond of Monica for all the great food she cooks for everyone. Sometimes I wish I were an extra on the show, for the sole reason of sneaking out some of the food she made. The mere thought of her food makes me hungry. But it's unfair that I should suffer alone. So here's a compilation of the best dishes cooked by Monica Geller I'd love to eat. Come, let's salivate together. 

1. The Thanksgiving Turkey

While the yummiest thing in this Thanksgiving episode was Brad Pitt, the turkey wasn't far behind. It weighed a full 19 pounds and was apparently so delicious that a maternity-pants-wearing-Joey finished it alone. 

2. The Christmas Candy

"Little drops of heaven" is how the neighbours were describing Monica's Christmas candy. They pitilessly made her go without sleep to acquire their share of candies. Honestly, they're not to blame. I would have done the same.

3. The Marinara Sauce  

I was legit drooling when Monica took Alessandro step by step through the making of her marinara sauce. The sauce must have been killer because it got her the job as head chef at Alessandro's. 

4. The Jam 

In a desperate attempt to get over Richard, Monica opted for the most obvious option- jam. Because the opposite of man is jam! So she made heaps of them, the largest consumer of which was Joey. I myself wouldn't mind a jar of her blackberry currant jam. 

5. The Lasagnas

Making a dozen lasagnas in one go is no small feat for someone who isn't Monica. She, on the other hand, conjured twelve huge cheesy, meaty pastas which were up for grabs. It is exactly at moments like these that I wished I lived next door to her. 

6. The Chocolate Chip Cookies

The great comedy of errors! Monica and Phoebe expended themselves, trying to figure out the recipe to Phoebe's grandmother's phenomenal chocolate chip cookies. In the process, Monica made more than 17 batches of cookies which looked #delish.

7. The Birthday Flan

Not everyone was stoked when they found out Monica had made flan (Mexican custard) instead of cake for Rachel's birthday. Joey even went as far as to call it goo. But since when do people not like custard!?   

8. The Potatoes

Monica was hands down the mom of the gang. She agreed to cook two different kinds of potatoes - tater tots and mashed potatoes - for Joey and Ross, to make their Thanksgiving memorable. Unfortunately, it all got burned.  

9. The Tiki Death Punch 

A pyjama party is incomplete without your favourite girls, pizza and alcohol. Monica's special rum-based Tiki Death Punch was the perfect companion to the girls as they lazed around, chatting all night. I took a few notes for my next girls' night.

10. The Bouillabaisse  

Oh no, Monica didn't take criticism well, did she? So when a restaurant critic left a nasty feedback for her bouillabaisse, she made it a point to cook a fresh batch and prove her expertise to him. I think he was barking mad to not have liked Monica Geller's food. 

This calls for a Friends rerun. Whatsay?