Valentine’s Day. The one day we all get to eat our hearts out or go on a romantic date with that special someone (if you’re really lucky though, you might get to do both). Some dread it, others fascinate over it, and me? I’m here to tell you it gets better and that maybe this year wont be so bad because of these kick ass desserts.

These desserts are classic favorites and whether you decide to delve into them alone or with a date, they’re bound to make you hot. Not just because they’re so goddamn delicious, but also because it’s scientifically proven some foods get people horny. So let’s try to keep our pants on until the end of this list, shall we?

1. Fried Oreos

Valentine's day

Photo By Kathryn Stouffer

This is a classic favorite with a twist since everyone knows everything is better fried. Though this won’t necessarily get you in “the mood,” this treat is sometimes considered better than sex. I guarantee your pants will be off after eating four of these (since you physically won’t fit into them anymore).

2. Chocolate Lava Cake

Valentine's day

Photo by Helena Lin

Chocolate and romance have become synonymous which is why it’s no surprise that this gooey-centered cake is on our list. The romantic aspect is linked to its taste and to the serotonin-producing chemical it contains called tryptophan.

3. Bananas Foster

Valentine's day

Photo courtesy of

Because if bananas don’t remind you of sex, I really don’t know what does. This treat will get you going no matter what. Bananas have potassium which is known to boost sex drive, so whether alone or with a date (for this one, preferably with a date) bananas foster is a guaranteed good time.

4. Red Velvet Oreo Cupcake

Valentine's day

Photo by Zoe Zaiss

This is the perfect dessert for Valentine’s day – the color alone screams love. The mere sight of this cupcake will make you feel things that should never be felt about food. For those celebrating alone, this cake could in fact be the love you always wished you had.

5. Tiramisu

Valentine's day

Photo by Lindsey Law

This dessert is for all those coffee-loving foodies. Though it won’t necessarily give you the same buzz as coffee, this creamy dessert is bound to make you feel some type of way. Whether you are lounging in bed alone or having a fancy night out, these ladyfingers just got a whole new meaning.

6. Strawberry Nutella Crepe

Valentine's day

Photo by Kelly Logan

We have already established that chocolate gets people in the mood, but what you didn’t know is that strawberries do too. Strawberries help with circulation and increase sperm count (got that boys?). This probably means that guys should be getting their special someone a strawberry Nutella crepe on this Valentine’s day in the hopes of getting lucky.

7. Banana Cream Pie Milkshake

Valentine's day

Photo by Jayna Goldstein

This milkshake will truly bring all the boys to your yard. Since both bananas and chocolate enhance sex drive, there is no excuse not to get down after having a taste of this. Shake things up and make sure to be safe because there’s no escaping through the bathroom window after this dessert.

8. Reese’s Cup S’mores

Valentine's day

Photo by Kathryn Stouffer

The moonlight, a bonfire, and a Reese’s s’more; I don’t think it gets any more romantic than this. Alone or with a date, this messy treat is the perfect match for the mess you’ll make in bed this Valentine’s day.

9. Dark Chocolate Avocado Truffles

Valentine's day

Photo by Emily Hu

Because chocolate alone wouldn’t suffice, these truffles add a whole new dimension to sex food. The avocado mix is both delicious and healthy, boosting your libido (the key to great sex). This is the dessert to take home after your romantic dinner if you’re looking for some love.

10. Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie A La Mode

Valentine's day

Photo courtesy of

Ah, saving the best for last. This chocolatey treat is comforting, yet sexy in every way. Something about the way the ice cream melts on that steaming cookie can leave anyone rolling on the floor naked (because they’re too full, of course). Enjoy it while it’s hot.

Valentine’s day is a great day. If you’re alone, you’re really not because any of these desserts would be happy to be by your side on this fine day. And if you have someone to share it with, well, appreciate that you do. Sex and food go hand-in-hand so don’t be afraid to live a little and celebrate Valentine’s day the right way.