The Instagram discover page – the place where you find that one girl you stalked two months ago and memes that are just a little too inappropriate. But every once and a while, the discover page lands on a gem, like a damn-good looking cookie. But don't take the chances of scrolling through the ominous discover page when I can give you a front row seat to the best cookie Instagram accounts in the game.   

1. @sweetambs

Sweet Ambs, aka Amber Spiegel is no joke when it comes to cookies. As a cake designer at Wilton, she decorated cakes and cookies for packaging (aka how you want your cakes to look). She has since moved onto cookie decorating tutorials and teaching cooking decorating full time. Her cookies are beautiful and the videos of her decorating them are mesmerizing. Watch for drool as you watch these. 

2. @ocd_obsessive_cookie_designer

When Deanna isn't working in marketing from Australia, she is decorating cookies. One word to describe her cookies? FUN. 

3. @bakedideas

Patti plays with some serious food inception with cookies that look like anything from sushi to lobster. Patti is also the author of, "You Can't Judge a Cookie by It's Cutter," a book about getting the most out of your cookie cutters. 

4. @janaleesbakeshop

Jana Lee's bakeshop specializes in custom cookies for any occasion. One scroll through her Insta and you will be placing an order online. 

5. @doughmestichousewife

Holly's adorable three kids get to enjoy her cookies in person, but the next best thing is getting to see her creative cookies. Her decorating videos will have you wishing you were this creative.  

6. @thebakedequation

Melissa is a cookie designer at The Baked Equation in Arizona. They focus on locally sourced and organic ingredients. Her Insta is filled with all the delicious treats she makes. 

7. @sugarshimmer

When Pam says that her cookies are "edible art" in her Instagram bio, she isn't lying. You might be fooled into thinking you are looking at an artists page when you see her page. 

8. @_emmas__sweets

Mary (Emma is her daughter and name sake of the account), found that cookies were her passion, and thus her Insta was born. You will find cookies ranging from Moana-inspired to BBQ-themed. 

9. @thepaintedpastry 

Although it started out as a hobby for Aime, her apparent talent turned her cookie skills into a full blown career. One look at her Insta and you will see why she is a perfect account to follow for any cookie lover. 

10. @natssweets

Natasha has been interested in baking since grade school — she is a true testament of practice makes perfect. However, you might get a cavity from just looking at her posts. Just kidding. 

With these 10 cookie Instagram accounts, your feed will never be boring again. Although I must warn you, by following the best cookie account on Instagram, your sweet tooth might always be calling for more.