Scrolling down my Facebook newsfeed, I see a photo of delectable sprinkle-encrusted Wow-nuts (waffle donuts) dripping with a glossy glaze, which is followed by a video of an extremely fluffy Pomeranian puppy.

While looking through all the photos and videos, I think to myself that the internet is officially obsessed with drool-inducing food and adorable animals. So wouldn’t the next big thing be a combination of the two: cute food that tugs at both your heart and your stomach?

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There has been an online food video trend called kawaii cooking (“kawaii” means cute in Japanese), where people use miniature stoves and cooking utensils to make adorable tiny dishes, like this mini edible sushi.

But if you’re hungry for more than just a bite-size meal, the following blogs will satisfy your cravings for both deliciousness and cuteness. Making food taste delicious as well as look pleasing to the eye is an art in and of itself, and these food bloggers have mastered this craft by creating mouthwatering foods that are almost too cute to eat.



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From Totoro (a character from the animated movie My Neighbor Totoro by Hayao Miyazaki) to snowmen (shown above), Sumopocky creates some of the most beautiful and “kawaii-est” macarons I have ever seen.

The fillings all sound heavenly, from cream cheese swiss meringue buttercream to pineapple buttercream, and every macaron truly looks like a piece of edible art. In addition to macarons, she bakes gorgeous cakes and other desserts (which you could order…if you lived in Singapore).

Read more on her blog, or check out her edible art on Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram.



Photo courtesy of @pankobunny on Instagram

Pankobunny is a Youtuber who cooks cute Japanese and Western fusion food, from adorable sweet and savory reindeer inarizushi (seasoned tofu pouches stuffed with rice) to a cute and light chocolate-chip cookie polar bear baked Alaska (shown above). Her unique creations look both yummy and kawaii at the same time.

In addition to her YouTube channel, you can find Pankobunny on Facebook, Instagram, and WordPress.



Photo courtesy of Mosogourmet

Mosogourmet is another cute food Youtuber who makes Japanese food and desserts. From an adorable hot dog family to kawaii inarizushi that look like they are wearing bear hats (pictured above), everything has a face on it that makes the food seem too cute to eat.

You can find Mosogourmet on their Youtube channel, Facebook, Instagram, and Ameblo (if you can read Japanese).



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Yukitchen makes super cute vegan food creations, including one-of-a-kind homemade panda boba and Rilakkuma mitarashi dango (Rilakkuma is a bear mascot created by San-X, and mitarashi dango is a mochi rice cake covered in a sweet and salty soy sauce glaze).

For any Star Wars fans out there, Yuki has also made a Jabba the Hut vegan shepherd’s pie (although Jabba might not count as cute, I’m sure that the pie tastes delicious nonetheless). You can find Yukitchen on her blog, Facebook, and Instagram.



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Ochikeron is one of the first cute food bloggers that I found on Youtube, and she makes simple and delicious-looking Japanese home cooking that always makes me hungry. Ochikeron has many tutorials for cute bento, and she has made a Mille-Feuille nabe (a hot pot filled with layers of napa cabbage and pork) with Olaf from Frozen, made out of grated daikon radish, lying on top.

She conveniently organizes her Youtube videos in playlists, and there is one specifically for all the kawaii food that she makes. You can find Ochikeron on her blog, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Kawaii Sweet World


Photo courtesy of @kawaiisweeteats on Instagram

Kawaii Sweet World is run by Rachel Fong, another cute food baker who I found on Youtube, and she makes delectable desserts that are almost as sweet as she is. Rachel has made all sorts of cookies, cakes, and even homemade Rilakkuma s’mores (graham crackers and marshmallows, all made from scratch and complete with bear faces).

Kawaii Sweet World has a show called Kawaii Treats on the ISAtv Youtube channel. In addition, she has her own Youtube channel, Facebook, Instagram, and website (where she posts lists of more cute or delicious things).

Little Miss Bento


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My heart hurts every time I scroll through Little Miss Bento’s photos because every bento (the Japanese word for a packed lunchbox or meal) or baked good that she makes has an adorable face on it and is photographed so perfectly that I can’t imagine eating and ruining something so cute, like the beautiful homemade Gudetama (an egg mascot created by San-X) chocolates.

For Valentine’s Day, she made mini pull-apart bunny and bear bread buns (pictured above) that look super soft and kawaii. Feel free to check out Little Miss Bento’s works on her blog, Facebook, and Instagram.

Song Sweet Song


Photo courtesy of @songsweetsong on Instagram

Song Sweet Song is another blogger who decorates every piece of food art (buns, pancakes, toast, and cookies) with a cute face that makes me squeal in delight. She has a basic recipe for adorable steamed cupcakes that you can turn into any cute character that you wish (like Baymax or Adventure Time characters).

She also has a Youtube tutorial on how to make Instagram-worthy toast art. You can find Song Sweet Song on her blog, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Bento Monsters


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Like some of the previous bloggers in the list, Bento Monsters’ creations are all intricately designed to look like cute characters or animals, such as piggy snowskin mooncakes, teddy bear matcha (green tea) affogato, and Peanuts-themed baguettes with Snoopy curry. You can find Bento Monsters on her blog and Instagram.

Samantha Lee


Photo courtesy of @leesamantha on Instagram

Samantha is a food artist who cooks up vibrant and healthy meals for her daughters that show off her creative imagination and redefines what it means to play with your food. From Minions corn on the cob to a plate depicting Severus Snape in remembrance of Alan Rickman (made up of rice, seaweed, eggs, and cheese), every dish is beautifully designed and brings out my inner kid at heart.

You can see Samantha’s creations on her website, Facebook, and Instagram.