The Internet is a weird place. But it's also a wonderful place where talented people create videos and content for the enjoyment of others. This is particularly true for Wong Fu Productions, a digital company founded in 2003 who have been creating videos ranging from comedy to drama to other sketches. With almost three million subscribers and fans everywhere around the world, Wong Fu has been a catalyst for Asian American Youtubers to make their own content online. 

On their More Wong Fu channel, Wong Fu has been producing a very successful series called "Wong Fu Lunch Breaks." In the videos, four members (one sometimes being a guest) enjoy lunch together while discussing a range of topics — some as trivial from popular movies they haven't watched to deep topics such as relationship and family. At the end, the members give their advice to the viewers about the discussion. Obviously, all of Wong Fu's Lunch Break videos are amazing, but here's a list of the ten best lunch break videos in no particular order.

1. In-N-Out vs. Shake Shack (Part 2) 

This was an amusing video because these Californians compare In-N-Out and Shake Shack. Part 1 had them eating In-N-Out and Part 2 has Wong Fu over in New York trying Shake Shack. As a Shake Shack fan who doesn't like In-N-Out (sorry In-N-Out fans), I was extremely pleased that *spoiler alert* Wong Fu unanimously chose Shake Shack! But as Ted says, you have options; you're not forced to eat either In-N-Out or Shake Shack. 

2. Where To Find a Date  

The members here discuss about dating and getting into a relationship after college. They talk about how it's easier to find people in college, and how it becomes difficult after college because it takes more effort to find someone and establish a relationship. 

3. Living Together!?  

Watch this hilarious video — with guest Chris Dinh — as you listen to his crazy roommate stories about his sleepwalking roommate. The team here mentions how communication with your roommates is important; you must lay out the foundation with your roommates and establish your boundaries and your habits to work things out. 

4. Do Nice Guys Really Finish Last? 

This is another relationship video, but the group talks about "nice guys", in reference to their three-part video series "Nice Guys Finish Last" — old and new — which you should definitely check out. The great advice at the end was just always be nice and don't expect to get something out of it. 

5. Guys & Girls Can't Be Just Friends? 

This is the first Wong Fu lunch break that introduces Ashley, a new producer for Wong Fu. She talks about her moving in with three of her friends who are guys, and everyone debates whether girls and guys can be friends or not. 

6. Breaking Girl Stereotypes ft. Julie Zhan 

The Wong Fu ladies — with guest Julie Zhan —  talk about their experiences growing up as girls, talk about women in society, and their given expectations such as not aging, getting a husband at 25, etc. What an empowering video. 

7. Entering the Real World 

The young members of Wong Fu talk about their experience after college graduation and dealing with the "quarter life crisis". They talk about how twenty-something year olds are expected to have their lives put together and know what they want to do once they get into the workforce. Their advice is that college is not the end of your education, and that you can find yourself through work. 

8. Happy Mind, Happy Life ft. Blogilates  

This fun video featured Cassie Ho from Blogilates, and the Wong Fu ladies talked about being happy and self-care. They talk about how you must take care of yourself — mentally and emotionally — to take care of other people. This was a very uplifting video and the ladies say to focus on your strengths and not your weaknesses.  

9. Single Life 

The Wong Fu gang in this video talks about single life — as per the video title — and discusses how many people sees a relationship as a goal they must attain to be "fulfilled", and how you miss out on a bunch of stuff while you strive to get a boyfriend or girlfriend. There is a stigma with being single but their advice is to invest in yourself and it will pay back when you get into a relationship. Everyone goes at their own pace and everyone discovers themselves at their own pace. 

10. Boosting Your Self-Confidence  

This deep video has the Wong Fu family talk about their past insecurities and what made them self-conscious when they were growing up. Their advice: focus on your strengths and surround yourself with good people because as you grow up you will get to know yourself as a person more. 

If you love what Wong Fu produces, don't just watch these ten videos, go ahead and binge-watch all of them. Lunch Break is something I look forward to every Thursday and I can't wait for upcoming new videos. Also, check out their other amazing short sketches and series such as "Everything Before Us" and the original series "Single by 30" on YouTube Red. Happy Youtube watching!